Uni: casino, drinking and toking...

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  1. So this happened about 2 months back at uni after we finished our exams and all. A couple of us boys all went to the casino to try our luck at winning some money, anyway we got back to our halls/dorms (actually it was a flat) and there was about 5 or 6 people already there playing ring of fire (drinking game). Then the spondoolies came out, my one mate was fucking cained already from decking some rainbow-fruitmix-bullshit and took 5 puffs, went to the window and projectile vomited a perfect arch of red shyte. gave hime 10 mins and he was good to go again. so we kept doing the rounds between like 5 of us, then this girl was there who has a strong negative opinion about weed was there and she was already half paraletic of half a bottle of wine. my friend convinced her to have one toke and that is all she had.... one drag. then 2 mins into it she starts laughing hysterically about a chair or some bs, she was an absolute mess, just talking shyte, saying that she was floating and crap. then she gets all of our attention and says, "oka guys i was just messing around, im not high.... I just really really feel like a KFC"
    next thing you know she's on the floor taking about winnie the poh
    And she kept saying "im not high" and then followed it up with something like "is anyone moving the room?"

    Another time me and two other mates got pissed, then smoked up and decided it would be a great idea to surprise another friend who was at a party about 2 miles away and pelt him with some broccoli that we found (keep in mind this is like at 4 am). so off we went, in hoodies and trackies. along the way we saw some girl my mate banged then longed off... saw 3 other girls we all knew and bunch of other people coming back from a night clubbing. ended up failing our objective and the mission was a disaster as when we go there the guy we were going to pelt had passed out from excessive drinking. so we walked back and smoked up some more.
  2. Cool story bro
  3. I just, i just dont know what to say man? like what?

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