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  1. Wow hate much? My buddys are all 50-80 pounds overweight. We are 24, when we hit 30 there gunna probably gunna be 100 pounds overweight. Now im no doctor but being 80 pounds overweight is not a healthy lifestyle. But i see your way now when they go munch on mcshitters im gunna tell them to supersize their shit instead of bitching them out for eating there.
  2. All these things you mentioned here was really a bad healthy lifestyle, actually when you get old you will realize the importance of healthy lifestyle because only one thing comes as a good output in future is your diet, if you are heaving a bad diet so the diseases can easily harm you, so i suggest everyone to have a healthy diet with fresh nutritions and proteins. 
  3. You can't change people who don't want to change man. They'll learn, this life or next.. just do you and use it as motivation  :hello:  :smoke:
    "Health industry" is a fucked up name when you look into it. A ton of it is just selling shit you don't need, and using unhealthy people, often on steroids, to push the agenda that the physique of this photoshopped, semi-starved goddess or steroid abusing god is attainable if you attack your body aggressively enough. It's a paradox in many areas, the good looking people aren't always even healthier than you. They usually just have a more strict regimen (little to no alcohol, this workout at this intensity at this time, don't have to juggle school/work/extra curricular activities, etc, not to mention the aforementioned steroids).
    They might not have meant aesthetically. They might have meant, "I look better for getting off my ass and going to the gym by myself, actually doing something constructive with my time instead of just blobbing out and consuming." You know, like if we were walking and someone was laying down on the side of the street, and you walked past them and I went over to see if they were okay, then I would look better for going to help someone. Not that I would be more physically attractive.
    How can they motivate you to sit around not doing anything? The answer to this question is also the answer to your question.
    You haven't seen someone force their children to change clothes?
  5. And the physical workout keeps one busy, productive, and most importantly, content without any additional substances. 
    Perfect for T-breaks with all the sweating and increased metabolism.
  6. Lazy people are always going to be lazy, lazy people that smoke weed just like to use it as an excuse
  7. <blockquote class='ipsBlockquote' data-author="Kiwimann" data-cid="18256758">
    You haven't seen someone force their children to change clothes?
    Treat your friends like your children and you won't have friends for long. It takes 10 seconds of little effort to change a shirt. 10 months of hardcwork to lose that kind weight and then you have to keep it off. But you go and try to force an overweight friend into a diet and exercise plan.
    It was a joke. They said you can't change people. I deliberately took what was said out of context when I mentioned changing clothes.
  9. K fair enough
  10. Dont hang out with harf drug users

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