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  1. After looking at these forums about working out and nutrition i began to question my own lifestyle and that of my friends. Congratulations on all of you who make a good effort to stay in shape, be healthy and not allow getting high to interfere with your exercise routines and diet. However among my own stoner friends, i see quite the opposite. As a 2 sport high school athlete i may not be as bad as them, but i struggle with the same temptations. The stoners i know tend to spend most of their days really stoned, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer, eating greasy food and using hard drugs on weekends. I try to go to them gym 3-4 times a week but they never go. How do you motivate these lazy stoners? any ideas or help much appreciated.

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    I don't know man. I've been trying for years. I go back to my hometown from time to time and still my old buddies are doing the same things. You just got to enjoy there company and let them do there thing while you elevate yourself.
  3. ya i agree. just a shame to see them waste so much time. almost all of them have droed out of school or been like cut from their high school sports teams because theyd rather drink and sesh excessively everyday
  4. Now most of my buddies are lazy stoners too and yet i have a couple who enjoy hitting the gym with me. So maybe instead of focusing on the whole group find those one or two guys that have some interest.  You are in high school so you are young and eating like shit won't effect you too much. However, if these habits continue into adulthood you're going to have serious health issues. So try to break bad eating habits now because it will be harder to do later.
  5. I have 0 friends that go to gym, they are all over weight. Everytime i try to get them to come i get the " f you im not going to the gym" or "i have a girlfriend i dont need the gym" or the famous "i have no time for gym" in the end I dont really care just makes me look better.
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    but being a stoner isn't the cause of being lazy or fat or whatnot. Im a heavy stoner yet whenever im stoned I eat chicken, broccoli and potatoes for my diet, and I work out 6 days a week.  It actually motivates me to want to lift and work out and eat a healthy right diet.
  7. Dude lazy people are just lazy. It's not the pot, your sober friends would all say the same thing. Working as a personal trainer for a long time showed me how lazy a lot of people are, as harsh as that sounds.
  8. Dude lazy people are just lazy. It's not the pot, your sober friends would all say the same thing. Working as a personal trainer for a long time showed me how lazy a lot of people are, as harsh as that sounds.
  9. People have to motivate themselves.  It's not worth discussing diet, exercise, etc with anyone who doesn't want to discuss it.
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    try to offer some fun activities where you dont need to get high to have fun
    its easy to fall into that trap where you think of a cool activity only to revert back to "This would be xtra cool if we smoke some herb"
    be like   Lets do this activity not stoned ....if they are really interested in being your friend they will take you up on the idea and respect your view, or at least discuss it with u
    you can always blaze later, it will still be a blast
    imo when u blaze all the time with everything you do...you lose the perspective of being sober/not high  and realize it can be rewarding in its own right
  11. y not smoke before you work out? or do the activity...dafuq y would you want to get stoned and do nothing i like doing activities with friends while high. we will smoke then go ball or walk or something to take up our time
    If you only go to the gym to "look better", you're not promoting a healthy lifestyle. Why do they need to look pretty for you? Why should they feel the need to workout if it's only for shallow reasons such as this?
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    Live and let live. :}

    If you are healthy, that's great.. but if they don't want to be, you can't force them to change their lifestyle - you'll just annoy them. It's cool to ask them to do an activity with you or drop helpful hints, but if they don't want to change nothing you say is going to help - you're their friend, not their guardian.

    Rather than try to make them less lazy, focus on yourself. Make that you stay active even when they're not. Don't fall into the temptations of eating the same crap they do and don't spend your entire day doing nothing just because that's their plan.

    You're your own person :} Plus, it sounds like these kids aren't into the same things you are long term. Don't trap yourself just because you feel a bond with these guys. There are plenty of other people out there that you could make friends with, and that doesn't mean that you have to drop your old ones.
  14. OP, don't bother trying to convince your friends to go to the gym. If they don't want to go, that's their decision. You can't force your lifestyle on someone else no matter how much you think you're helping them. It's unfair for you to do this. And remember that when you're together as a group, the majority rule. If they want to sit around and watch a movie with a pizza, that's what happens. If you don't like that, you have to walk out. You can't force them to get off their asses for 2 hours to go to the gym with you.
    This wouldn't work. First of all, a lot of people like to smoke up and relax so that's not necessarily a plausible solution. Plus going to the gym while high is disrespectful. You'll just end up losing your membership.
  15. how is showing up high disrespectful its a gym lol. and i really doubt they would spot you out of all the other memebers and kick you out of your payed memebership for being under the influence, are they going to drug test me also///
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    The gyms I've been to are like this. They'd kick you out on the spot if they think you're on anything. It's bad for business to have a group of late teens / early 20 year old show up high.
    -EDIT- And it is disrespectful. Cannabis is dodgy and a lot of people don't like it when you get high in public, therefore it's disrespectful as you're not taking into consideration what others think.
  17. I've worked in several gyms and I can tell you nobody would find it disrespectful, and the ones who say they do are mistaking your disrespecting them for their judging you. A lot of people in the health industry blow down, and even more are doing steroids. But steroid users aren't kicked out, are they?
    Also, getting high and doing nothing all the time is stupid. But te people who do that do nothing all the time anyways, not just when their stoned.
  18. The only gym I can think of that would ever do that is planet fitness. But then again, they kick you out for doing dead lifts too.
    this 100000000000 times over
  20. You need to be motivated from within to do something different..Just gyming could get boring..Instead getting into some sport activity or hobby would be a great idea !!

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