Discussion in 'General' started by Leainna, Feb 26, 2003.

  1. Who else here wishes they could be ignorant of what's going on in the world and remain in a state of perpetual bliss? All this war on Iraq and war on drugs and war on internet and war on everything and I'm so cool and yadda yadda is really starting to get me down. I wanna go hide in my closet and smoke myself into a coma.
    The world sucks right now... We need a war on world suckiness. (subliminal message: buy me vanilla coke and all will be happy)
  2. wanna talk it over...........................................................a, coke?
  3. oh, vanilla :)
  4. ill show up to with four feet of happiness and a tent we can hide in.

    at least your girlfriends not threatening to kill you.
  5. Owrld events always make every one depressed. It's just nature that we feel this way.

    I guess we need to be thankfull that we can at least eat and sleep in side a warm dry place!
  6. ............

  7. Hear hear!

    We Americans had a nice little period of ignorant bliss between about 1991 and 2001...... When we thought we were in the clear from the threat of nuclear oblivion, but hadn't realized that there were people out there smart enough to figure out how to circumvent our powerful armed forces.

    We'll get through it. Just takes time (and unfortunately a lot of dead people).
  8. I feel the same way, but as cheesey as it sounds id probably feel a lot better about life if I had a solid girlfriend who enjoyed smoking as much as I did.

    Oh well this time will pass hopefully.
  9. Especially if you used to own it. (Well.. and liked it)

    New triumph vs. an old harley that you used to own?

    I agree.. that is tough!
  10. I completely stopped watching T.V. a while ago. I'll read the newspaper, and that usually cuts out most of the bull. Movie channels are still good though.. :)
    I see in the second half of my life me with small house someplace where politics would not be concerned with in my lifetime and that I could always go to and feel completely safe for as long as I need. That's my wartime plan
  11. I think I'm the sole reason Fox News Channel is number 1 in America. lol

    It is my channel of choice 24 hours a day, and has been since 9-11-01.

    It's fun to watch things develop. They send reporters to all the nasty spots in the world (man they must get paid a LOT).

    Plus, I like to tease my wife and say that you won't get the alert to use that duct tape and plastic by watching "Friends".
  12. how should I put this...

    fox news is disgustingly biased and pointless. they offer complete compliance with the federal government and oversimplify everything. not to mention that I can only spend so much time listening to loud guys dishing out diatribes like they were quoting napoleon. Plus cal thomas is the devil.
  13. I'm not saying I take it all at face value, but they keep me up to speed.

    I flip through all the cable news networks if the subject gets too repetetive or boring.

    Now al-"jizz"era would be an interesting channel to get... with translation of course. (No offence, BTW. I don't know how to spell it)

    It'd be nice to know what the arabic world is hearing.

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