Unhappy plants? (pics)

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  1. Ok, so here are my babies at 3 weeks. They did stretch a bit in their infancy but I got them under the MH and they were looking good (no crisp/burnt leaves or anything) until yesterday. The top fan leaves are starting to dry out and curl up. Just slightly but it still scares me. I've read over and over that one of the biggest problems newbs have is that they freak out when the slightest little thing happens. Maybe I'm freaking out over nothing?

    I water on average every 2-3 days depending on how dry the soil is. I'm using organic peat/worm castings/blood meal/bone meal/kelp meal/perlite/lime that was moistened with liquid karma and water and let compost for three weeks before using.

    I have the two diff types of guano, would it be safe to make a tea to feed since it's going on the fourth week? I know organics work different in that bacteria breaks down the nutes for the plant so it is a little bit harder to scorch plants with nutes.
    Anyways, here's the plants. Check em out and let me know what you think.

    Also, does it look like positive topism has been acquired?

    Thanks alot.:wave:

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  2. Im not an expert, But overall. they look good. What are you groin? What lights?

    It might be time to transplant them to a bigger pot or something, Maybe they don't have enough room in those cups, and thats why they are curling? Not sure.. just a thought.
  3. Crap, those pics were taken yesterday. I went to check them just a minute ago and now some of the main leaves are starting to do the same thing.

    THe soil is moist. Temp stays around 81-85. Haven't checked the pH yet. And haven't used any ferts as I am going organic. Now I'm scared:eek:. THey were doing so well, too.

  4. It's mostly Nirvana WHite Widow, but there are 3 of DC's Troublegum somewhere in there. I spilled them when they germinated and now I just have to guess which ones are which.

    I'm using a Digital Greenhouse 600w convertible ballast with the MH in right now.

    I think I my transplant them anyways, just to be safe.
  5. OK, so I transplanted them into 1/2 gallon bags, let's see what that does.The roots had reached the bottoms of the cups already, so idk if that's considered root-bound or not.

    Also, the pH was just barely under 7. The Bible says you want it to be betweej 6.5-7 for soil. IS this right?
  6. Ok, I replanted and started watering more and they seem to be happier.

    I'm still a bit worried about some spots and some wilting fan and main leaves.

    I think I read somehwere that the fan leaves will wilt up anyways, is this correct?

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