UNH Tokers?

Discussion in 'General' started by Raoul II, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. My friend just left for UNH and she says that they're fucking nazis there. She hasn't met any stoners and it seems like the RAs are insane. If they so much as smell weed, they'll call the cops. So anyone here from UNH? I really wanna help my friend. She doesn't think she'll be able to smoke at all! (although she did recently buy a vape that I have to teach her to use).
  2. I am down at Keene State, about 90-120 minutes South-West of UNH... But I know the University and know a few people who go there. What your friend says is definitely an exaggeration... or she just has a few bad RA's because UNH is a toker friendly campus for the most part.
  3. yea i've heard quite the opposite. heard its pretty stoner friendly
  4. yeah its one of the best party schools in the us... she cant say that if she just got there like 2 days ago
  5. noooo. i agree. i got caught the second night by a cop running through the woods at us with a flashlight. seriously if it was not a cop it would have been funny becasue he was like a fucking deer running through there buttt it is hard to smoke anywhere here at least on my side of campus. i still do it often but only if my friend drop by with a car. its lame and i miss it alll the time. UNH is a party school for sure but im a stoner at heart and all there is here is beer and frats
  6. I can't imagine having a hard time finding weed in ANY new england college. :)
  7. i can find my weed alright but smoking it here in the dorms and shit is the hard part
  8. Truth

    My sophomore year, I had three dealers on my floor alone

  9. That's why you don't smoke in the dorms. Start learning to roll joints and walk around campus toking that way. No more burnt pieces in your rooms and it is very subtle, except for the skunk smell.

    I know a few guys who go to UNH and they have no trouble what so ever toking it up, then again, they have been smoking since middle school and have their tricks.

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