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Ungrateful smokers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ganjaguy817, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Then I'd be extra shitty.

    I bet what happened is the high took a while to set in. I've had that happen before; you smoke a few bowls and lament that you aren't that high. Then you stand up to go to the bathroom and then it all hits you at once.
  2. One of my friends would talk about how much he loved smoking bowls almost every time I would roll up a spliff for us to smoke, and sometimes he would even talk about how we should be smoking out of a bowl instead of a spliff - of course he didn't have his own bowl, so he was just hinting at how we wanted me to bring my bowl instead of rolling up a spliff. Eventually he stopped making such annoying remarks because he realized that the more often he talked about it, I would smoke with him less frequently.
  3. I disagree. :devious:
  4. I used to smoke my buddies up all the time, I only smoke the good herb. No tobacco, so they always got nice pure bowls from me. Well whenever they get weed (granted it's much less than I usually get), they never offer to share, and on the odd occasion they do they make sure to put a phat off amount of tobacco in there (knowing i hate that shit). Kinda pisses me off. I quit smokin' two years ago btw. It burns my throat up baad.
  5. Smack that bitch.
  6. keep your mind on your money and dont trus no bitch
  7. Dude I dont fucken get it. Anytime a friend packs me a bowl, in my head I know that next time I have herb, he will be getting a bowl.

    Most people just take it as "Sweet, got a free bowl". Its ridiculous
  8. #28 fightermaverick, Aug 14, 2011
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    Exactly! I always think that I'll get them
    Back later on.
  9. You shoulda told that bitch that she smoked it wrong and to not complain when she gets free bud.
  10. Lol I was at a party and smoking in a tree house with like 4-5 other people. They all paid me 5 bucks to get in on my stash and 3 of us were completely blazed after about 3 bowls. The other 2 were just crying because they didn't feel high at all. I said okay and let them share a bowl so they could get a good high going. I watched one take a hit and he didn't hold the hit in at all, he didn't even get it into his lungs he just kept it in his mouth. The other guy did the same thing. I tried to tell them they were doing it wrong but they decided to just say no my weed sucks, after they said that at the exact same time me and 2 other guys just said "YOU DON'T FUCKING KNOW HOW TO SMOKE." When all of us said that we just looked at each other and started laughing cause it was completely unexpected. The other 2 people just got up and climbed down the tree.

    And yes I know people like kid cudi prefer not to inhale the smoke because they like a body high vs a head high but trust me these kids were just stupid.

    tldr: people didn't know how to smoke and bitched about my dank weed.
  11. I hate when I share my weed and get nothing back from the person, so if I know I wont be able to pay them back with something in return I wont hit it. But really if you are bitching at someone giving you free weed, you're a fucking dumbass.
  12. OP, are you sure it said something coherent and in English? I know what you speak of, sometimes these things called "women" make a noise from what seems to be a mouth (actually a dick-sucking device). Just ignore it, it's not relevant.

    >>inb4: i'm a sexist pig / learn to take a sexist joke

    but seriously, bros before hos, amiright? I would never do that to a bro, no matter how shitty their weed is, maybe I'll point it out to them politely if they're in denial because they got mad ripped off or something and I could suggest a better dealer, but the way she came off was just plain bitchy and rude,
  13. I've never had anyone complain when I smoked them out. For two reasons: I only buy dank. And my friends aren't assholes.

    I've been smoked out with shitty bud before. But I never complain. That's rude,you have to be greatful someone wants to share their bud with you.

    People who act like that don't deserve a smoke out. Fuck those bitches man.
  14. #34 Msott4, Aug 15, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 15, 2011
    Yeah...Hate it. I would have told her to go fuck herself WITH some of her friends "great" bud.
  15. Yeah, i smoked with the friend she was talkin about, they were hitting mids too so that hoe needed a good bitch slappin. to top it off every time i packed a bowl with this chick she would cash the entire motherfucking bowl and be like "oooooooh hittin it like a thuuuuuuug".

    no bitch, i'm gonna hit you like a thug:mad:

  16. Fixed that for you OP.

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