Unfuckingbelievable. (im shitty)

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  1. Alright, ill keep this short since there are NO pictures.

    My friend bought a $230 bubbler over a PHX Trinity that he couldve got for $300. I told him HOURS before he bought it, that it will get broken within a month... and he should get the PHX. He didnt want to get it, because of storage issues - even though my girl said he could keep it @ her house and use it whenever he wanted.

    Well, if you dont know, it WAS a headie bubbler (duh!... for $230) it had crazy designs all blue and white ((friend is IGD so of course it was Blue))

    So... he fuckin took 3 bars, and then snorted 3 more threwout the night... and ended up leaving this RAW ass bub @ a friends house. Well, a friend took it from THAT friends house, and said he was gonna give it back to him today cuz he would see him first. Turns out, they fuckin broke it into like 5 peices.

    This bubbler was seriously a sick peice of work, and i wont even try to describe it because you wouldnt believe me.

    I know i didnt spend money on it... but i fucking told him so many times NOT to get it! and to get the PHX because the PHX will last a MILLION times longer. ((i actually said that to him multiple times))

    I dunno, just kinda pisses me off

    p.s.- My friend, me, and 2 other people got it at a head shop 9 days ago!
  2. that is pretty shitty, are the kids who broke it going to pay you back? If the kid that took if from your friends house did so without permission he defeintly should pay, and even if he did have permission to have it.
  3. People never listen until they screw up...he should've listened to you, his loss.
  4. His fault for not taking care of his $230 piece. I dont even let my $20 peices out of sight..
  5. that sucks DR...always sad to hear a good piece went down

    when are people gonna learn....tsk tsk
  6. i would have sprung the extra 70 for a phx without a doubt.

    sucks that his bub broke. if i'm not smoking at home i don't bring anything other than a bowl and papers.
  7. i'll let my friends borrow my 20 dollar spoon but for the first week i was nervous, but it turned out good, it lived in this dude's car and we would smoke in his car so it worked, but knowone dropped it and shit, plus i think when i get paid i'm gonna buy a bubbler
  8. lol nope. he is not gettin 1 cent of that 230 dollars
  9. the easy solution is to keep track of your shit and not to spend hundreds of dollars on a piece. you can buy a nice bubler for less than 100$.
  10. man that sucks, he should have got the bong!
  11. That sucks man. Its about thinking of the future not the present.
  12. id whoop some ass.
  13. 1 - If you're willing to drop big $$$ on pieces, you should be willing to take care of them, and also be willing to beat someone to a bloody pulp if they break it and refuse to pay. Normally I'd say that you should handle it the legal way, blah blah blah, but obviously you can't expect the "justice" system to get you re-imbursed for your bubbler.

    2 - Your friend made the smarter purchase. Why would he want to spend $300 on a bong that he couldn't even keep at his home? It doesn't matter if your girl says "Oh, you can use it whenever you want." What about when you're at her house with your dick in her, and he wants to stop by and use his bong? Is she gonna come let him in to use his bong? What about when she's not home? What about when she's on her rag and just doesn't feel like letting him come over to use his bong? If he's got a half-dozen friends that want to hit the bong, is she gonna want them all over at her house?

    Bottom line, I think he made the right choice. I wouldn't have wanted to buy your girlfriend a $300 PHX, either.

    It didn't work out for him in the end, but that's because he didn't take care of his piece. I still say he made the right purchase. It was just a separate fuck-up of his that lost him his bub. On shrooms, acid, cocaine, ecstasy, xanax, somas, vics, anything: he should be able to remember his shit.
  14. id kick some ass
  15. it is stupid that he left it there... but still isn't his fault that it got broken.
  16. Yeah, well... he doesnt give a fuck about money. He buys his friends $130 pairs of shoes and shit.

    He has very sticky fingers
  17. did you kick some serious ass???
  18. Wasn't his peice.
  19. If it was my peice, i wouldve gotten the PHX! Duh! lol.

    All my friends respect me enough to where if they break something, they know they owe me.
  20. damnnnnn dude ur friend no offense is fucking dumb i wouldve taken the trinity anyday over a bubbler no matter how sick the bub was....and like if i had gotten that i wouldve NEVER left it at my friends at all man i wouldve like never let it out of my sight

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