unfortunate turn of events :(

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  1. so my friend and i were supposed to go to this foam and paint party tonight, and i had two capsules of mdma. i swallowed the first one before we left and we stopped at a friends house to pick up some more people. we stayed at ("J" i'll call her) J's house for a while and while we were there i railed half the other capsule.

    heres where the night goes downhill.

    as we're on our way to the party, my friend driving gets just a "bad feeling" and takes everyone home because shes freaking out about this "bad feeling" she had

    so now im stuck at home rolling balls with not much to do.
    any suggestions?
  2. take a shower
  3. thats fucking beattt, turn off all the lights and watch a movie?
  4. hmm i was waiting for something crazy fucked up to happen to you :confused:
  5. hmm that take a shower idea sounds pretty good

    haha i'll let you guys know how it goes
  6. if that is a rave
    then just fuckin go there
    meet new people and get their #

    i went a rave alone and when i left, man everybody was like i fuckin love u, call me
  7. Couldn't you just go somewhere anyways? Call a different friend, take a bus, take a taxi, I dunno. But I wouldn't waste a roll if I were you.
  8. Continue to roll balls, maybe?

    That certainly does suck, a lot..friend just bails on you, bullshit.
  9. Paint and Foam?

    Sounds awesome, if a friend dropped out on me like that, I'd take more and walk there if I had to, does not sound like something you want to miss!

    Edit - Oops, didn't notice the times, looks like it's long after now, hope you had fun whatever you did though :)
  10. everytime i have that bad feeling, something bad does happen, and it usually involves the police
  11. well last night ended up not being too much of a waste, a friend came over with 2 more beans and we popped em and had an awesome ass night. i never knew dishsoap, a trampoline, and a hose could be so much fun :) haha we just played in the foam and went swimming in my pool with glowsticks

    so even though it wasnt the same as a foam/paint party it was pretty good. no wasted rolls here :cool:
  12. I hope no one was watching:hide:

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