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unfortunate accidents thread

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by CheefinReeffa, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. i was soo baked yesterday
    igot out of my public speaking class
    afeter finishing my munchies
    i stand up
    i feel some gacious tension goin down in my stomach
    soo i try to let it go

    but alas
    a shart

    i sharted my fucking pants at skool
    and it totaly ran down my leg and everything

    iwas so pissed
  2. That sucks lol. Did people notice?

    I had an unfortunate accident in my toilet the other night. Took four hours to get it flushing again. :eek:
  3. nah, nobody did.

    thankfully haha maaan

    thatwouldhave sucked
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    ok heres a little tale i like to call "the bunson burner beaker story"

    11th grade chemistry. a group project. me and 3 girls positioned around one of those lab tables that have buillt in sinks and are builit into the floor, with the fireproof surfaces, black stone or whatever.

    the project invloved boiling some water, in a beaker, with a bunson burner. no wait, not a bunson burner...a HOT PLATE. this stories title is inaccurate.

    anyway... nothing too serious. so the projects lack of urgency gave me a license to fuck around, which i began to do.. for whatever reason, i found myslef playing with the bunson burners(hot plate) power cord, which was plugged into to the tables outlet, right near me.

    on the oppossite side of the table(about 4 ft away) sat the bunson burner(hot plate) with the beaker sitting on top, and near it sat this incredibly hot girl named kristi who was part of our little group..(not just this particular experiment group, rather the group of cool kids in that class, me and about 4 other girls who sat near me in the seating chart everyday. not that i was really very cool, but there was no one in that class that was cooler, so i was able to secure a position as part of this classes 'cool group', which also included that girl from my high school stories post.)

    anyway somehow while i was fucking with the cord, i caused the beaker to topple off of the bunson burner(no, hot plate), into young kristi's lap. it was completely surreal...all that boiling hot water right into her crotch, ,she couldnt help but cry out, scream, and im my mind details become sketchy at this point, but i do recall her going to the hospital and the rest of that day being pretty akward for me.

    she eventually came back and was fine, i guess she had 2nd degree burns in her...private area... but she was fine. nothing permanent... i said she was fine okay?

    she didnt like me much after that though. not that she really did before.. but she sure was attractive. i think she was half white half hispanic. yummy.
  5. damn dude
    That sucks haha
  6. I guess offering to kiss it and make it better would have been over the line, huh?
  7. lol at resistance, that sure sucks but it's hillarious

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