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Unflavored Gelatin Before Drug Test?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Michael420, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. I heard that if you consume unflavored gelatin with water before a drug test, you will pass.

    My question is .. why? what does it do.

    Any other good segestions for cleaning out in appox 1 week? what really does the trick, spoken from a true stoner.

  2. actually you need strawberry jello. and it cant be from the store. it HAS to be homemade. o GOD help you if its store bought!!
  3. You have to throw some cyanide in it and mix it with grape flavored kool-aid. Then, assuming you do it with 908 other people, you might just pass that drug test.
  4. ^Yes, this for sure.
  5. Im usually not a dick in the apprentice forums, simply because this is the apprentice forum and I respect the fact that I was a noob at weed once too. But like seriously, some questions really get me going.
  6. Why homemade, and why is this a noob question. What does it actually do to help you pass.
  7. if my powers of perception hold true, every one of them is being sarcastic. unflavored gelatin does nothing to help you pass a drug test.

  8. I wish there was a rofl emote so bad right now. :laughing:
  9. I believe you're talking about fruit pectin. It's like a powder that you mix in with a gallon of water/gatorade, that you drink like 5-6 hours before your test. You can find it in the canned jellies section at a ton of supermarkets. I have friends that swear by it. I have no idea how it works.

    Please don't go off on me about how it's dilution. Every time my buddies have used this it's been for a job, at a lab, where they check on that shit. If you're taking a shitty at-home test, then I'd just figure out a way to tamper with that shit, because that fruit pectin tastes like booty-hole.

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