Unfair negativity

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tray Dub, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. Is anyone sick of how negative both these candidates have become? I don't think Obama is as bad about it (he has many faults, but he typically stays relatively positive), but he still does say unfair things. But when McCain says things like "he'd rather lose a war to win an election", does that bother anyone? I mean, he's basically saying, "he'll let Americans die just to serve his interests". And that's just not true.

    I know Obama says unfair things too, and if you'd like to post them, by all means, go ahead. I don't mean this as an attack on only McCain, I'm just sick of the slander.
  2. yeah man for sure, personally i'd rather see a 30 second commercial about what they're all about and what they're going to do for us if elected.
    I hate voting based on who sucks the least.. :(
  3. That's the way politics work sadly. McCain went negative and his poll numbers went up.

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