unexplained sightings.

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  1. Whats the weirdest shit youve ever seen?...
  2. It was brown and smelly.
  3. Smart ass -___-t
  4. -_______________-
  5. *Grassy Ass
  6. I am laughing way harder than I should be at this thread
  7. :/ i was trying to see if anybody had sone interesting stuff to say i gotta watch how i word thinga from now on ha
  8. Damn my spelling is horrible right now
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    So one time I'm with my homie and we see a cop pull onto the freeway and as we get closer the cop's just parked on the entrance behind some fucking cones(cones blocking the entrance). idk if we were both just high as fuck but that shit tripped us out.

    tl;dr Aliens
  10. This threads off to a great start
  11. Human centipede
  12. Yea that movie really mind fucked me.
  13. Human centipede 2*

    that was just gross

  14. This may be the greatest unintended pun ever.
  15. Onetime I was in a building with a bunch of friends and I saw a black cat walk by, then a couple seconds later another cat (looked like the same cat) walked by and I was like "Whoa, deja vu"

    Then they started freaking out and saying shit about glitches in the system.

    Omega369 :wave:
  16. This is pretty weird story from about two weeks ago.
    I was cooking some eggs, opened up the fresh dozen and cracked one into a bowl. I noticed it had two yolks I thought that was weird. Then I crack a second egg and to my surprise yet again two yolks. I figured it was a weird coincidence. I cracked a third yolk and it also had two yolks. At this point I got out my phone and recorded a video of cracking the eggs and every one has two yolks.
  17. Haha thanks?€:
  18. A coworker of mine broke her leg recently tripping ovef a black cat! That shit's no joke!

    You will have twins when you have kids. :smoke: Were the eggs jumbo sized? That's crazy.

  19. Hey bro I recognize you from your avatar.

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