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  1. About a year ago, I had been smoking dank in my girlfriends trailer when I heard a knock at the door. No one was expected, so i figured it probably was a sales person or something similar.

    I open the door to see a cop in uniform; my insides squirm. He asks if I know where to find a man that lives next door, but I don't know the guy and tell him so. The cop leaves and I play video games and smoke :D.
  2. Samething happened to me except it was a Peter from family guy
  3. so this was an year a go?
  4. Cool story bro
  5. trailor park?
  6. Why would there be a salesperson in a trailor park?
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    Ummmm cops sell things?
  8. Surely if you were smoking dank and he came to the door he would have smelled it.

    Im confident that he was simply a male stripper:smoke:

  9. what kind of neighborhood do you live in bro
  10. (In a cool 80's voice) Cops sell JUSTICE!
  11. if the cop is looking for someone dangerous he wont stop to bust someone for weed :wave:

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