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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by smawt_pokur, May 26, 2004.

  1. alright, not too long ago, i told my grandmother about me smokin weed. she didnt seem to mind, she said she was against it but she wouldnt try to stop me or anything. then she found the plants i had started in my closet...and on her birthday, of all days...so she confronted me about it, and she was almost in tears that i didnt tell her about it, so i asked her if she wanted me to kill them. instead, she told me to bring them out so she could get a good look at it.(incidently, somehow 2 new plants sprouted in the pot, and we'll get to that in a bit) so she looked at it, and decided that she wasn't going to have me destroy them, which made me happy. then the next day, i woke up and found a note saying that she decided she was going to grow them FOR me instead. this completely blew my mind...my grandmother is growing weed for me...but anyways, i was talking to her today about the sprouts and said "we gotta get the two little ones out, pot doesnt like to share its soil and they will end up killing eachother." so i was 1/2 expecting my gram to just let me toss them out...nope...she wants me to get a couple more pots and transplant them so we can grow 3!! but my gram still swears she doesnt like the fact i smoke pot.
  2. ahha what thats sick bro!! imma ask my grandparents hopefully they will grow me soem plants ahha sick story!
  3. Um....wow? I'm seriously speechless. Your grandma is either crazy or awesome, I'm not sure which.
  4. ^^^

    I say a lil bit of both lol. That kicks soooo much ass, good luck with the grow. kepp us informed them, i bet ur granny is a master grower.
  5. man your lucky!!
  6. lucky bastard!
  7. Do a grow journel with pics of ya granny and the plants!!! Man i wish my dad would help me grow some plants...he's got a phd in weeds (not weed just ya normal weeds) And you should see the hydro set-ups he used to use at the uni God damn they were massive and pro as could be...
  8. Holy fucking hell, that's an awesome set-up. How far into senility has she slipped, or is she just really cool? Hell, she probably smokes it for something or other.

  9. uh, she does know what they are, and what i intend to do with them...i guess she just thinks its better to be a part of it and know whats goin on then not

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