Unexpected Outdoor Grow

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by bama435, May 28, 2010.

  1. So i got home from graduation of boarding school today and apparently i threw a pot seed in a pot in the front of my house and my mom didnt know what it was so she started taking care of it for me... haha

  2. So....Is she cool with it or what? :confused_2:
  3. haha she has to know what it is i mean like who doesnt know the look of the most beautiful women in the world xD
  4. hehe tell her that its aloe vera plant :)

  5. idk cuz she doesnt know its pot

    im probably just gonna steal it and grow it somewhere hidden
  6. ha thats funny
  7. lol same thing happened to a friend of mine, time to start readin up on growin! when u dig it up dig it up wide as to be nicer to the roots, one time i found a plant growing outside of where i used to always bake my car lol it was growing out of a crack in the curb and it was like a foot before i noticed it, i didnt have a hole prepped so i tried to like hydro it with my sink lol turning it on and off lol bc i was a dumbass lol she died that night :-( but its better than getting hit with a weedwacker i guess lol

    a friend of mine did that and her mom found it and moved it to the backyard and grew the shit out of it lol and now they do it every year lol and that obviously lead to some mom daughter smokin lol but not only that she pulled out weed that had apparently been curing since the 60s lol which they said tasted great but i feel after 50 years lol its going to start degrading

    id just keep growing it out and be like idkwtf it is lol and come fall ul both be like ooooohh at the same time and since u bonded so much growing it ul have to enjoy the harvest together lol

    good luck man what ever u do make a journal about it
  8. How come some posts are twice the sizw as the rest?
  9. sorry my bad i smoke too much too early and just cant shut myself up lol or maybe its because ppl without sigs have space there idk
  10. NO I wasn't talkin bout your post I meant the picture at the top of thread .I cant see the picture unless i move the page round.

    No offense rep+
  11. lol idk i always thought it had to do with picture format but yeah it is obnoxious lol i usually dont bother anymore lol gsus ur a reppin fool lol

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