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Unexpected job interview!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dinnerroll, May 10, 2010.

  1. so i just got my medical card and i never really smoke ever. i smoked a couple times a week or so ago, and the last time before that was at least 3 or 4 months. i got called in for a job interview today that i never expected to land and the guy basically wants to hire me and said he'd call me back in the next couple days for a drug test and background screen. how long should it take for the thc to be minute enough in my urine to pass the test if i never smoke?
  2. Isnt it legal for you since you have a card?
  3. this? im confused
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    It's legal for him to smoke, but companies still have the right to refuse him a job based on drug screening, even though he has a card.

    OP: When was the last time you smoked, and how often had you been doing it? Your description is pretty unclear about this.

  5. I think it's 100% bullshit that companies in MMJ states can fire people if they fail a DT.

    Bull. Shit.
  6. the last time i smoked was at least a week ago. and the last time before that was months.

    and yeah it kinda sucks that they can deny me a job, especially since i dont even smoke enough for it to be a "lifestyle" or anything :/
  7. You might be okay depending on when the test is, but I would take some extra steps if I were you. Drink a lot of water and burn fat until the day before the test. At this point you should continue drinking a lot of water, but eat a lot, in order to store fat and reduce the metabolites present in your urine when you take the test. You could also go for substitution if you want to be extra safe, but it's probably unnecessary.
  8. yeah i'm gonna go for a run on the treadmill in a few. i run most nights anyway.

    and is there any merit to the old cranberry juice cliche?

  9. what he said. also, dont let the drug test be ur 1st or second piss of the day because ur body is processing all night to get toxins from ur syhstem into ur pee. including thc. cant stress the water thing enough. i passed a test 3 days after i smoked by drinking like a gallon a day and making my piss almost water clear(cant be too clear or it wont register as piss =/ though i think mine was crystal clear and i passed
  10. Not sure what state you're in, but California law does not protect patients against discrimination in the workplace. The governor vetoed an amendment that would have protected patients.
  11. yeah i live in CA

    just ran 2.5 miles. worked up a good sweat. drinkin lots of water.
  12. Keep that up dude and yhou will be fine, ppl on here have gotten away with passing under much worse circumstances
  13. so i just did this automated phone interview thing and some of he questions were about drugs, and they categorized marijuana apart from all other drugs. does this mean they dont treat it on the same level as they do other drugs?
  14. Some workplaces no longer test for marijuana, just hard drugs. For example, Verizon Wireless stopped testing a few years ago.
  15. My last work place also didn't really care about marijuana, as long as you weren't stoned and trying to work. They looked past possession charges as long as you came clean about them, too. Some dillholes didn't put it down on their application, and KNEW they were doing a background check. They lost the job just because they lied.
  16. damn. thats one thing i'm worried about. if i dont pass the test, i said on the phone interview that i've smoked marijuana 0 times recently, my reasoning being the term "recently" is relative

    oh and i dont think i mentioned, the job is at rite aid
  17. ^^ I think Rite aid does lab test. My friend tried to work there, he failed

    but it might vary by area. im in NC, a log way away
  18. what is lab testing compared to other methods?
  19. they test creatine levels and stuff. they can see if you used anything to dilute. like drinking a gallon before the test

    home test can be fooled easier than these
  20. is rite aid zero-tolerance? i was thinking about being straight with the manager and saying that i have my medical rec and i smoked a few weeks ago but i hardly ever smoke and i can give it up entirely for the job.

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