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  1. Okay, so basically a week ago I found a couple of seeds in some buds that I picked up and decided that I wanted to try and grow them, mostly out of curiosity. I germinated them but unfortunately after several days I was still not getting any sprouting from the seeds. At this point I kind of just gave up and threw one of the seeds into a cup of soil just for the heck of it. After not seeing any growth for another several days, I just left the cup in one of my drawers with intent to throw it out whenever I got the chance. So a few days went by, and I forgot about the planted seed and today I open up the drawer that it's in and to my surprise there is growth. The drawer that the cup was in is completely dark so I'm guessing thats why the entire thing is white.

    So what I want to know is there any way of turning this little buddy around? What do I need to do to put it back on the right track? Also, is it a problem that the seed is hanging out and not in the soil? Thanks for your help. (Pics are in the attachments)

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  2. Looks like the cotyledons weren't able to break through the outside of the seed. I've seen that happen to tomatoes and squash I've planted. The best thing to do might be to wait to see if it can bust out on its own.

    You could carefully try to remove the seed but I usually end up accidently breaking off the top of the seedling when I try.
  3. So once I take care of that problem is there anything else that I need to do or will it just start to grow normally?
  4. Without knowing anything else, I'd say that if you can get the seed off the plants without killing it, get it under some lights. It's stretching really bad right now.

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