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  1. Hey guys. Don't got great news and I'm pretty pissed.:mad:

    Let me give you a brief background. My father worked for almost 6 year at a company and then in the Summer of '10 he got laid off along with the other millions in the U.S. he was on unemployment over the Summer and really stressing out looking for a job. He wasn't one of those bums sitting around waiting for a job to come to them. Then in September he got employed by another company, now not even 5 months later he is unemployed again. I hate seeing my father sad/mad like this.:mad::( He is 59 years old for god sakes and he has high blood pressure man this shit sucks.
    I can't help but think of how F'ed up things are here in America and with these stupid politicians looking out for their own asses.
    Sorry for the Rage, I had to vent somewhere.
  2. i dont think its going to get any better this year :(
  3. Call this number, they may be able to help: 202-456-1414

  4. Not trying to be rude here, but is this a joke its the white house switchboard.
  5. Grow marijuana. Im starting a serious grow op here soon (legal of course) that im hoping should give me an extra 50-100k a year. Find a way to make money ! Good luck!
  6. Sheeet, I'm moving to Michigan lol.

  7. Yes, it was a joke. I'm on your side man.
  8. dude i totally relate with you sucks seeing my dad stress out soo much over shit he busted his ass his whole life to own his own business (stereo shops) he did well for many years, then went from that to smoke shops, to out of business because the economy went to shit now he helps manage my uncles restraunt/club but the business isnt doing too well so hes stressin more
  9. yeah man the weed prices are 350-400 an oz, more exspensive at the dispensaries(500-600 oz). I can unload a pound of homegrown instantly for 4k. So if i step up my yeilds and cycles, ill increase my earnings. I will be doing 36 plants soon, hopefully with the right strain pull off around 5-6 oz a plant. But we will see how it goes.

  10. Oh ok. Didn't really get the sarcasm at first because I was mad thats why I had to ask.haha but the white house can't really seem to do anything right.:p

  11. now this has the ring of truth to it!
  12. It's probably a bad idea to talk about it on the internet. What they say about dealing (or growing) is true. You need to be completely paranoid, and 100% OCD, or you'll be busted. If you're gonna say shit like that on the internet (Your internet logs are looked over by your ISP's, or at least they contract it out, fine print is a bitch!) use TOR. The DEA is expanding their influence overseas, so you bet your ass they're scouring the internet, and sites like this.

    That's badass, though, hope it works out. If it were any other business, being in Michigan would be a terrible idea, lol.
  13. hang in there bro. both my folks over the last 2-3 years have lose their jobs at some point. we all had to step it up a notch just to keep the house and survive. it's all about family, not much else matters. hopefully with the housing industry improving more jobs will be made available.
  14. My dad has been laid off twice in the past years, and my mom as well. Now my mom works at home recruiting for walmarts out of state and my dad has switched fishing stores because the last one couldn't afford inventory. I hate hearing my mom talk about how much she hates her job or listening to my dad tell me we need to find a way to make money. My parents are working hard as hell and it's not enough. Now my dad only works 3 days a week part time. Me and my friends all can't find jobs. I don't know what people are expected to do when there's no work to be found anywhere.
  15. QFT.

    I've literally applied to dozens of places in my area with absolutely no results at all. Not even an email to tell me they don't won't me. When you can't even get a minimum wage job... it's just a sad time.

    The economy isn't recovering, don't let anybody fool you, it's going to crash and burn hard either this year or next year. That's just how I'm calling it. :(
  16. To be completely honest fellow blades I need to get something off my chest.

    This lack of work is putting a dent in my manhood. I got this girl I like spending time with and I cant even provide for her. I can't buy her nice things or even buy something nice for myself. I don't want to take her out because im afraid shes going to ask for something and I won't be able to pay for it. I don't even feel like I can compete with these rich assholes in college and I dont know what to do. :(

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