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Discussion in 'General' started by Mantikore, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Ok, so this will probably be a long story, but I want to see what you all think.

    I've been on vacation this whole week to do community service at the humane society. I've worked at my job for the past 3 years and always have been on "thin ice" for tardiness. Now I am not the only one late, but I am the only one they say shit to. The main reason I was told is because they know I am smart and a hard worker, they want to see me do better. But I honestly could care less about showing up 5 to 10 minutes late because they have had our raises on hold for over 2 years.

    The reason I am late is because I don't drive. A friend/coworker picks me up and takes me home. Well he has to take care of his son in the morning, go through a school zone, highway, another school zone, picks me up. School zone again, highway again. So the slightest mishap will fuck us over. Because of this, we asked long ago for a 10 minute leeway. Even said that whatever time we are late, will make up at the end of the day. They said no. Well they gave this one dude an HOUR leeway. And even then, he was late after that hour! Never say shit to him and he never makes up his time. This guy is a known bullshitter too. I can bet his reasons are completely false, but they gave him an hour...

    So last Thursday, I was a good bit late. The day after they had a lil talk with me. Didn't have to sign anything, but he made it sound like I was getting written up, again. No remember, there are 2-3 people coming in late too, but nothing is ever said to them.

    So Monday (first day of my vacation time) I get a text from my friend. He said he went into the office again and asked for that 10 minutes again. They said no. And then he said the boss said it wouldn't matter anyway because I was fired. Well I never heard anything. No letters in the mail or anything.

    I left my phone at home today and when I got home, I had one missed call (I know, no friends :(). It was my boss saying he has been trying to reach me all week (a lie) and to call him. Well he left by the time I got the message and the office was closed.

    Now assuming I am fired, I know they are going to fight me on unemployment. Do you think I can turn it around on them in court about playing "favorites"? In all honesty, I want to sue the shit out of them. They treated us like shit ever since the raise freeze. They claimed it was the economy, yet the amount of product we moved seemed to be even more than ever some days. We all know it was because the owner just bought a 2 million dollar house. Yeah, I am sure he has his own salary and all, but he buys a new house and all of a sudden, our raises and bonuses are gone...

    All but like 1 or 2 people said they'd take my side in court if it came to that and I am going to talk to a labor lawyer ASAP. Just wanted to hear your guy's input.
  2. The best you would be able to get is unemployment. I wouldnt even try suing your boss, because hiring/firing is at their sole discretion. Your coworkers dont matter here, your boss obviously wanted to fire you for their own reasons and regardless of what they are its the same result - you out of a job. Now for unemployment, I dont see any reason why you wouldnt be eligible. If your boss tried to deny you benefits, he will be asked to show proof that he went through the proper steps before letting you go; ie: verbal warning on this date, written warning on this date, and a record of the days that he had issues etc. If you are still denied, then I suggest you appeal - just go through the proper state channels and they should get your back.

    good luck, hope your next job is better
  3. As a sincere suggestion, you're gonna have to give a cliff notes version, dude. Generally, people- even well intentioned- ain't reading a short novel about a strangers struggles.
  4. IceCreamKidd did... Why are you posting here anyway? Did I not state this was a long post? EDADK please.

    As for what ICK said, I live in PA which is an "at will" state. So I know they can hire/fire with no reason. But I thinking they are going to fight me and use tardiness as a reason. I think that if you get fired for tardiness, you get denied. But I will appeal it ASAP. I've only ever signed one paper when I got a verbal warning a long time ago. Ever since then, it's only been a talk here and there, no paperwork. It just pisses me off that they make a big stink over it when they don't even say shit to the guy they give an hour and who still comes in late.

    Anyway, thanks ICK. I still have yet to get ahold of my boss anyway. If he doesn't call me back by Monday, I am just going in like everything is good. Hopefully I can talk a few people into walking out with me :)

    Edit: And I have a job at the Humane Society they said. Since I did such a good job there, they are all up on my dick to start there. I am thinking about it because I love animals and that place is loaded with hotties.
  5. Unless you can prove that he chose to speak to only you for being late because of race, religion, etc, you have no grounds for wrongful termination. The fact that he didn't talk to others doesn't mean shit unless there is a reason he chose you. Unemployment will be easy to get, but mistreatment of employees is something you just have to sit down in take in this business climate. It sucks, but its the truth.

  6. You aren't the only one without a raise for the last two years .... stop bitching and start working.

    Watch this:

    [ame=]YouTube - Lessons of My Father: Depussification[/ame]

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