unemployment = boredom?

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  1. I'm done with school for the summer, and started looking for a job. No luck though. It seems like no one is hiring right now and I am going insane. Everyday feels exactly the same, blending into one another. I have nothing to look forward to waking up to. Even if I go out with friends, we end up doing the same shit we always do, and now I cant even do that, since Im not smoking anymore. Its sad but money can bring happiness. I just want a fucking job so I can get out of the house and do some fun things this summer. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  2. Been there man. You always tell yourself money isn't important until you don't have any. Unfortunatly I've been stuck in a rut for a few years now and I have two damn jobs. I think I just get bored with stuff to easy though.
  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean, I sit on my computer and do nothing all day until i figure out shit to do at night, everything gets soooo repetitive, especially because alot of my friends are out of town.

    Its a little different for me because I do have a job, but I get shitty hours and only work 2 or 3 times a week. If it wasnt for skateboarding this summer would probably suck some serious D
  4. I too am in this situation. I am home from college for the summer and can't find a decent job that doesn't drug test. I am thinking of buying some synthetic urine so I can at least get a decent office job just sitting on my ass typing.

    Good luck with the job hunt and don't get depressed, there are a lot of people out there who have worked at the same job for 30+ years and are just now getting laid off and are in the same exact position as us poor college students are.
  5. Yep, unemployed and bored here too.

    But in less than a month I'll be travelling to and through Central and South America so I'm just picturing myself there lol.
  6. I have been out of work for a while. I may be bored but I now have an incredibly strong right arm. Need to start using my left. lol
  7. I work and go to school and I'm still bored. There's no way around boredom.
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    there are things in life that cost money. Don't take your time for granted, just use a little creativity and make sure to get out of the house. If you can't get work try to enjoy yourself in another way

    Being bored is a result of laziness

    sing a song, read books, watch movies, go for a bike ride, camp out in a park, go swimming, meet some new people on the street, write something, draw something, exercise, develop long term goals, fight people

    All I'm saying is, try to enjoy it while you have it, eventually when you are out of school you will just be working all the time and wishing for more free time
  9. I am not lazy at all. You dont understand, there is nothing to do where I live that doesnt involve money somehow.

    Okay all of those things are boring. I do those things on a day to day basis.
    I want to do something lifechanging this summer like skydiving or camping/tripping upstate.
    But I need money to do those things.
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    that is a lie

    maybe you just need to open up your mind a bit to your options.

    do they charge for walks where you live?

    edit: see now your story is changing.

    and I said camping, and it costs pretty much gas + food to do that, which I assume you already have

    want to change your life? try traveling with no money and see how resourceful you are
  11. This is true. We have lakes and rivers here but I don't care for swimming and stuff. Our local park sucks because you have to pay to use the pavilions now if you want to chill out and grill. Also if you don't look like you belong be ready to be harrassed by the police. Other than that there are bars, but fuck that. Not much else going on where I live either.
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    I need a way to find a job somehow. Does anyone know a service that can get me a job?

    because you edited your post lol.
    I play guitar in a band, so I have a lot of time devoted to coming up with new guitar riffs, and I do exercise every other day but these things that once gave me pleasure are boring and dull now. I need something new!
  13. Where do you live? You could check with temp agencies if you get desperate. Or if you have a skill just do some freelance work for extra cash.
  14. unemployment?? More like Funemployment, i'm so sick of my job.
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    yeah I guess I just lack sympathy because I am getting ready for my 7th day straight at work.

    I don;t have much spending money but I can usually find something to do for free/nearly free when I do get time off.

    edit: Sorry, I guess I forget how young a lot of people are on here...
  16. guess im lucky...im employed, not good cash tho.... $8.50/h and work about 15-18 hours a week. its enough to get by i suppose
  17. man im in that EXACT position. none of my friends are even home for summer right now which sucks. i find myself sittin round all day playin video games and watchin tv. i do have an interview for a job on thursday so hopeuflly that goes well (keepin my fingers crossed). but yea man, bein broke sucks ass.
  18. Random but my step brother just asked to buy a condom off of me.
    I guess I found my job as the neighborhood condom vendor!:rolleyes::cool:
  19. I've got an interview in 2 hours... and had one yesterday too. But if they call back I have to pass a drug test via some one elses pee. Todays interview there's no drug test though, but I want to work at the place that does... lol don't ask me why

  20. Just tell the world FUCK YOU, buy an ounce of good bud and retreat to your room for however long the ounce lasts you. When you come back out, you won't be giving a shit about things like jobs or money.

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