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uneasy / paranoid about smoking?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lyric, Jan 15, 2012.

  1. ok, well lets put it this way. I have about an o in my closet, it has been there a month and I rarely smoke due to me being uneasy about it around my wife / mom. And yes, we both live here at my moms, 4 bedroom house. Pay half the bills, and all is good. I'm 25, wife is 22.

    They both know I smoke, and don't care, but how should I get over this feeling of guilt, and just do it when I want to, instead of waiting for them both to not be home like I feel I need too? They've told me they straight up don't care....but its just weird to me for some reason and uneasy....

    help? lol.
  2. (I thought at first you were married to your Mom and was going to ask what part of SC you were from:p)

    Living with your mother in law can be difficult on many levels. You may wish to explore individual or couple's counseling at some point, so you can deal with this feeling of being judged, before it poisons the relationship. Multi generational households can be a challenge.
  3. Hey, asshole I live in SC haha :p
  4. I used to live near Florence:wave:

  5. You need quit doing what me, you, and so many other people do too often...quit over thinking shit too much.
  6. If they don't smoke I can kinda understand how that would make you uneasy. Just do it with your friends or when they aren't home. And if you want to, do it when they are home... they said it doesn't matter, so whatever. It's not like you have to announce that you're high or announce that you're fixing to take a few rips.
  7. Hell they don't care and they said so, so your good to go. The feeling shall pass. Smoke up! Don't let the O go to waste!
  8. Quit thinking about it and toke up they said they dont care so you shouldnt have no guilt smokin
  9. Um, something within yourself is causing that guilt and projecting it into those around look at all the reasons why "you" personally might feel bad about smoking then change those things accordingly.

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