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  1. Some minds need to understand, others need to just experience and "feel"

    Understanding minds do not understand why the latter mind feels this way, claiming their thoughts and ideas to be nothing more then loose theories with no solid background.

    I tend to see science as a way of explaining and wrapping your mind around this experience of life.

    Is it not enough to take a breath and realize that this life is amazing? This whole experience...

    Something created us. A man in the sky, a giant explosion, a random arrangement of tiny atoms and shit.. whatever it was. Whoever it was. However it was.

    We are alive now. We will be alive until we die. Why must we spend time bickering about the hows and whats... trying so hard to look into the past and figure it out. We stay blinded to where we're going.

    Currently this is how our lives go.

    Born -> Family upbringing -> School for like 13 years -> work for the rest.

    Unless you HAVE a dream, HAVE a basic idea of what you want from this life.

    I don't want to sound hippy new age mumbo jumbo..

    We need to find love and respect. Take that word away from monogamous commitments created and regulated by the government. Realize we're all from the same place.

    Sigh, Idk, drew a blank.

  2. You starting to sound like one of those hippy new age mumbo jumbo hippies...you'd better start making sense boy...before I beat you with this here shoe
  3. as long as we continue to fight each other......

    we can never come together against those who oppress us....

    which of mans actions has been the greatest destroyer of human life and more than anything elts has brought misery and suffering upon all mankind?" the answer will often be-"war"
    a bit of thought will show that this is only a part of the whole......
    the moloch that has devoured the greatest number of human lives and has caused unspeakable sorrow and heartbreaks has not been war
    war has been but a symptom of the problem....

    it is this battle over beliefs that causes the most pain and suffering
    it is what starts so many useless wars.....

    you dont believe what i believe so i am going to blow you up!!!!!!!!!!!

    wtf? really?
    so much for evolution....ither it never existed....or it is on coffee break cus people sure as hell dont seam to be advancing .....

    fuck...who knows what science and religion could teach one another.... if they could speak the same language.....

    so many lives have been ruined by religions....
    by those who claim to be saving you.....

    how many people suffer.... because they were told that they were damned for being imperfect.....

    what god would put you here to be set up for failure?
    not one i would follow.....

    but so many are ready to run out and believe that what they were told by some guy is true.....

    i am one to follow what i feel....
    always have been

    but i use my head along the way

    and i believe that we would all get much farther if some could understand that just because we dont agree dosnt mean one of us has to be wrong.......;):smoke:
  4. Step outside of good and evil....Wake Up...;)
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    It seems as though some stop at that step. Feeling the flow of knowledge and understanding run through their minds. It is not enough just to understand it and go through your life understanding, you have to try and help others with not words but actions. Use the knew understanding of the universe (good/evil duality) to help aid others in their search for understanding.

    Keep in mind this doesn't have to be a conscious action. Through your own understanding you shape your subconscious ideas. Those subconscious ideas help aid your conscious thoughts. People can see the subconscious thoughts and perspectives through your conscious ideas. That flow of knowledge and understanding transferring from one person to another.


    After all, that person you're talking to came from the same origin as you.

    Personality, physical traits, genes... no. They did not. But as a whole, us, humans, came from the same place.
  6. In order to help others, you must first help yourself.
  7. I'll help myself to this fat blunt :smoke:

  8. like our pilot said earlier....actions not words....
    one can talk till they are blue in the face.....and get nowhere....
    you can help other more by example then you ever can with words alone

    we are -after all -part of the same mess;):smoke:
  9. Message is the same.....leading by example is all you ever can do....but in order to get to that point where it can be done without self-intention....ironically, you have to get there yourself.
  10. From the movie A Waking Life:

    Objective FTW. Subjective's fun too though... I find that the most change in the world, only happens through your own interpretation. Whatever happens in the world, just enjoy it as much as you can. For all we know, you only live once.

  11. in high school i had the words ....fuck the world on one of my back pockets....and save yourself on the other.....on all of my paints.....:eek:
    when the deans would try and harass me i would tell them it was my belief and they couldnt make me not wear it....
    what kind of belief is that? they would say...
    so i would explain....

    is everyone stopped worrying about everyone elts ....and fixed themselves.....the whole world would be a happier place!!!!!!!!!!

    yes the message is the same;):smoke:

  12. I've seen a little bit of Waking Life

    This is only the view which helps me to understand. All of our minds work differently :p
  13. Haha. Very true my friend. Well atleast we understand each others point of view now.. :smoke: Cheers to hopeful thinking!

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