Understanding takes responsibility.

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  1. I see a lot of posters come here and shove their non-religious ideas upon religious posters. The religious zealots of today who shout their radical ideas of judgment on street corners are no worse than you speaking how you do on these forums. You must see the hypocrisy in your words.

    I ask that people respect each other's awareness of truths and beliefs uncommon to them. Those of you who have gained a clearer view of the world know that the journey to true awareness is long and always evident. Do express your beliefs but do so in a way that assists your audience to seeing the truth in your words not blatantly rejecting their point of view.
  2. Well, I'm pretty new to the spirituality/philosophy section here on gc, but most of what I've seen so far seems reasonably civil to me given the nature of the discussions. Speaking for myself, I have written one deeply sarcastic post in order to paint a picture of the progress (or non-progress) of irrationality as it unfolds. Asserting an opinion, and backing it up with example, that a belief is blatantly irrational is not hypocrisy.

    It's your right to ask that others respect beliefs they don't agree with, but don't be surprised if your request is denied. One can still respect a person without respecting her/his beliefs, which makes for a substantive civil discussion that others are free to contribute to, or not. Regardless tho - I'm only assuming everyone here has previously learned, at some point in their lives, that going deep is not for the faint-hearted.

    And besides, why would you to attempt to gag open, free discussion, on a public forum? I imagine most people are mature enough to take care of themselves, and if they can't, then there is always another thread for discussion more to their liking.
  3. Responsibility takes understanding. :)
  4. Unfortunately, OP, everyone gets tough in front of a keyboard.
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    Earlier I said "Do express your beliefs but do so in a way that assists your audience to seeing the truth in your words not blatantly rejecting their point of view."

    You :

    Also, where do you get the idea that I'm trying to prevent freedom of speech? I also realize the possibility that some people will completely ignore what I've asked, but if someone were to read my post I feel they might no be so quick to say "God's not real anyway" or something of the like in response. That's basically trolling.

    One saying such a thing does it either purely out of spite for what they see to be an inferior belief.

    Maybe it's just me but I can't imagine a younger, more naive version of myself could be shown what I believe to be the truth now via "God doesn't exist."
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    I understand what you're getting at and I agree.

    I think it comes down to everyone wanting to share their opinion but never wanting to hear someone else's.

    I repect the beliefs and opinions of others, I agree it's a complete waste of everyone's time to partcipate in pety arguments about faith alongside other issues.

    Because it does not go anywhere.

  7. careful when fighting monsters ...that you dont become one yourself

    when you dont pay enuf attention it is hard to keep from become exactly the thing you hate without even noticing it happen.....all done in the name of fighting/opposing an idea unlike your own
    you begin to use your advisorys own tactics against them

    already at this point you are becoming more like them

    next thing you know you have spent so much time dwelling on the negative you lose all sight of the positive and it dissipates for you

    this is easy to avoid if one pays attention to themselves and there own actions before looking to what someone elts is doing

    everything has good and bad points....
    i can disagree with you 100% and discuss the issue or idea with you without disrespect
    i will listen to your side because i want you to listen to mine
    but when i offer you this respect ...to hear you out ...and you refuse to offer me the same in return....i become the monster!
  8. To put it simply, I am not over emphasizing the negative influences of people but it is a shame to see people feel the need to interject with out the effort to help people understand their contrasting ideas. It just interrupts the conversation people try to bring to others without a need to feel insecure. To talk in opposition is fine, but come at it from an understanding point of view and respect certain aspects of peoples lives that blind them.

    That being said this IS the internet and most people seem not to care at all, but for the sake of the forum people could learn not only forum edicate, but edicate in a social interaction.

  9. pretty simple treat people the way you want them to treat you!

    people would be surprised how much then can learn from one another if they would just take the time to listen once in awile....and others mite listen to you alittle more and try to understand what you are saying when they see you put forth the effort to do just that for them

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