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  1. Hey guys, im on my first grow and im trying to get soil and nutrients figured out. I understand about the N P K and other things in the soil, but im trying to understand adding nutrients. Ive been looking a lot of stuff up online, and also reading the growers bible, but its still not completly clear. How do you know when to add? Just by looking at the leaves and things, or is there some kind of way to test the soil to see how much is in it. Do they make food blends made for herb? Plenty of other questions. Basically, tell me everything you know about this stuff... please :)
  2. It won't become completely clear if you read every single grow bible, you're looking for a book like Lowenfeld's Teaming with Microbes. or look at the online libraries- Acres USA. Soil and Health library. This should start you off.

    yes there are many herb blends. the commercial nursery potting mix is a lightly amended, sphagnum peat- based, soil containing vermicompost, kelp meal, neem meal, and rock dusts, It is not watered with any bottled nutrient, is only watered with dechlorinated tap water, and aerated compost teas. the same garden bed is re-planted into for many, many harvests, and treated intermittently with garden worms, efficient microbes, and botanical teas.
  3. So with the commercail nursery I wont need to add any extra nutrients for the entire grow? Im growing indoors, if that makes a difference.

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