Understanding nature's superiority?

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  1. it is true and trivial, the human mind cannot match the mind of nature. the human mind works a lot, especially in new experiences, by breaking things down. nature works by combining all things at once. all this is trivial. now my big question is, what, if any, kind of computer might be able to predict outcomes of nature more completely and reliably than our feeble line-by-line brains?

    we have large supercomputers which can, with the aid of decades of data, make generally accurate predictions about say the weather...but this is a very simple prediction about one system. what will we need to predict that of the whole system? or is there no such thing which can allow us to predict everything and must we accept nature is smarter than us?
  2. Nature governs itself, we govern ourselves.
  3. Nature is our higher power. It is impossible to measure, or predict, infiniti.
  4. Nature may be higher then we are but, it doesn't control us totally. We can manipulate it.
  5. What do you mean by manipulate?
  6. Like evolution? I consider evolution to be a part of nature..

  7. But only certain aspects.
  8. Whatever we think we "changed" can ultimately be called natural because we are natural. We are no more important than nature itself.
  9. We are nature, we are one of its many expressions... If we are not natural what are we?
  10. We might be natural, but not our minds and cities.

    Chimpanzees, might be all the more wiser.
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    Everything is Nature. The universe is nature. Nature is nature. It's like existence. Nature just is.

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