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  1. Hi All! I live in a state that is several years from legalization. I *think* I want to get in when it finally happens. As such I would like to get started on understanding everything in order to prepare for the license application process. I understand all states are following the same model as Colorado. Any truth to this? Also there's supposed to be a "book" with all the licensingd I'm guessing it's a .PDF. I guess it explains all the different types of licenses and the application process. Does anyone know what the name of it is or where to find it? I've gotten quite good at edibles. I think I want a bakery that sells to dispenceries and I'm interested in finding the related licensing requirements for already legal states to see how it might play out in my state
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  2. Right on! Good for you. I would say no, the states are following their own models. This makes for quite a wonky system across America that will take sometime before it gets cohesive. And we're STILL dealing with the feds and legality issue so it's anyone's guess when this may ever happen.

    But saying this, the pendulum seems to be swinging in favor of just about all the states so good on you for wanting to get ahead of the game. I'm turning you on to my favorite host Wayne and his podcast Periodic Effects. He's this great edible maker that also runs a podcast on the business of cannabis and what make it so great is he focuses also on the science of cannabis which is so freaking cool! You can learn a lot here, I promise and they talk about things like the differences between the state models and other interesting topics we in the industry are curious about. Episodes — The Cannabis Business and Science Podcast
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  3. AWESOME! Thanks!
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