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  1. Hi all,

    I have learned a huge amount from this forums over the last six months. I attempted an outdoor grow this spring, that ended disastrous when a coon i think, uprooted all of my plants, probably because the soil was not in the ground long enough.

    Anyway, the reason I am making this post is somthing is still unclear to me regarding indoor growing. I will ask several questions that will help me understand the big picture

    1. Do big time growers (indoor) have completely new plants each time the harvest and begin to grow again?

    2. Could I get a solid plant growing, and harvest it more than once?

    3. Do most big time growers who use hydro setups start with seeds, or clones.
    a. If clones, do they use the same mother plant over and over, or regrow the mother plants?

    As you can see from my questions, I still have a long way to go. I just want to eventually be growing the best plants possible.

    Thanks guys and gals

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    depends on if you do soil or hydro kinda, but doesnt matter which you pick, hydro will just go faster.

    you can take clones from mothers for each harvest, that way you cut the time in germination and some of the vegging time.

    and if you get good at it, which im trying to do, you can create a cyclical harvest where you have a consistant amount of bud being flowered vegged, and harvested.

    not really worth trying to re-flower a already harvested plant IMO, but if you want do it, seen some threads on different sites with ppl who have done it.

    and it all depends on if you want the same strain each time you harvest. where iam from there isnt shit around here so ppl are lucky to get decent regos.

    i personally would grow a strain for awhile to understand it, and actually have a couple months to enjoy the smoke. or if you wanna try something new, you just have to make a new mother, so yes youd end up wanted to flower your mother from the first strain you grew, unless you wanted to keep her vegging to, but eventually youd have to flower her or take more clones off of her.

    hope this helps
  3. Thanks alot man good information. So you take a clone off the mother once she starts flowering?

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