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Understanding a Film While High

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nstyle, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I watched Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back high, i didn't get a fucking thing that was going on. Everything was just a dream. Is it possible in any way to understand a movie while high??
  2. smoke less?
  3. No^... smoke more, build up your tolerance.
  4. Man, I know what you're talking about. I just watched bill and teds epic adventure last night, blazed out of my mind. I was just :O the entire fucking film. I can't believe someone actually made that movie lol.
  5. I watched the Prestige and didnt get what the fuck was going on lol. Its really hard to concentrate when you start forgetting little things. If I decide to just get super blitz I just watch a comedy or a simple flick rather than a movie like Inception.
  6. I usually understand things better while high. Especially stoner movies.
  7. I generally find more meaning in things while stoned.

    I honestly think that depending on the level of high that I am, it is easier for me to focus on shit. Not when I'm baked though.
  8. It's Jay and Silent Bob...I fail to see anything that has to be understood.
  9. I went and saw hot tub time machine super blazed after a blunt of dank w/keif too + first time smoking after a moderate t break, I swear the movie was in another language for the first 15min lol:smoke:
  10. Lol I saw Resident Evil 4, and i gotta say... :eek:
    No fucking idea what that crazy shit at the beginning was about, as well as the rest of the movie.
  11. well it depends what type of movies you actually watch a movie that involves a lot of mind work will probly lead you clueless
    but if you watch a movie made for being high then youll b good..

    put yourself a comedy
  12. yea when im super cooked its hard to follow the plot of a movie. But jay and silent bob? HAHA

    But yeah thats why i usually stick with comedy movies cause thats what theyre ment for stoners like us that can barely pay attention
  13. Try Inception while high...
  14. I watched Cheech and Chong up in smoke the other night, when I finished laughing at one of the scenes I think we were about 45 minutes into the film, missed about 30 minutes of it.

  15. i only meant smoke less in the circumstances that OP was going to watch a film, as was clearly too high to get what was going on.

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