undersized and discolored? please help

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  1. im using a full spec led in combination with high output t5's in a hydropony 6 system with general organics go-box nutes. the 2 larger plants are 18 days from seed, white widows. for the first couple weeks I battled high temps and high ph in the res, but the middle of the week I cut off the t5's to run only the full spec led and changed out the res to a solution w only 15 ml calmag and a cpl drops of superthrive in distilled water. since then ive been able to keep temp down around 65 degrees and the ph between 5.8-6.3, the discoloration had began before I did all that but still seems to be progressing. its now affecting the 2 afghan kush autos and the blue dream, which are about 10 days old (theyre a wk behind bc I had 4 of the originals die while I was fighting the temps and ph early on). i'm sure they were stressed by that at the beginning, but does anyone have any ideas about the discoloration and lack of growth? any help would be appreciated


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  2. Looks like a hard case of deficiency Mag or maybe phosphorus?

  3. It may b that your running gen. Organics in a hydro set up where these nutes are IMO better for soil grows where your going to get a better microbe population to go to work on the organic nutrients. I don't know how you keep the Rez in check without creating a scummy foaming mess with major ph drift. If u aerate with no stone I know it helps. For what it's worth.
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    That looks like light bleaching to me.

    Dumb question. Are the roots out of the the RW yet or whatever that is inside the Hydroton.

    What is your light schedule?
    Id also speculate you are having crazy temp swings between your lights on and off...

    The droopiness of the leaves makes me think you've got inadequate aeration in the water. Are you supplying fresh oxygen into your res? What is the pump rated for?

    This is my tote with a 140 litres of air per minute being pumped into it.
    Thats a lot of air.
    Remember when your temps go up the reservoir temps climb as well unless its being cooled some how.

    Reservoir temps > 70 are not ideal. Still workable but the warmer it geta the worse it is.

    Water holds less 02 the warmer it gets. This means your plants may drown in that reservoir without enough air being pumped in.

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  5. i think you're right about that being light bleaching. i had that full spec led down around 2 inches from the plants but as i've been reading, some sites say it should be backed off as far as a cpl ft when using a light w 3w or 5w diodes. now ive backed it off to about 5 inches. as far as roots, they're starting to come out of the net pots a bit on the two white widows. i think i may have had the water level too high in the res. i'm actually running two pumps, one is the fusion 300 that came w the system, its suppose to be adequate for up to 3 ornaments but its running to a single 10" air stone. the 2nd pump is a 2 outlet rated for 20-60 gal, says its up to 2800cc and ive got a 10" air stone on each outlet. so i dont think thats the problem since they're all bubbling well. im hoping it was just that i had my water level too high. as far as using the g.o. nutes, i haven't really had too much problem with it foaming up at the top and my air stones arent clogged when i change the res. but i'm having a hell of a time w ph and temp swings. from what ive read, it suggested keeping the res temp around 60-65 degrees. mine has swung from 58-71 over the past wk. the ph has stayed in the 5.5 to 6.5 range for the most part but its all over the place, up and down w the temp changes. im gonna try to give it a couple days w the lights raised and water level dropped and see if it straightens out, i'll post pics again in a day or two. and thanks for the input, its much appreciated
  6. the lights were on 20-4 but when i stopped using the t5's a cpl days ago i started just leaving the full spec on 24-7
  7. the more mature white widows (middle two) seem to be recovering since I made some adjustments over the weekend. but i'm a little worried that the others were too young to handle the stress since they don't really seem to be bouncing back, the leaves stood up a bit but they really don't seem to be growing. keeping my fingers crossed.

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  8. Looks like a lot of different probs.

    Light bleaching, some are too wet, others look too dry, heat stressed a little. Those babies gotta be treated like babies OP
    They look much better imho

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