Undershirt under dress shirt?

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  1. Do you wear an undershirt under your dress shirt?
    Whether it's plain t-shirt, a v-neck, or just a simple wifebeater?
  2. I usually wear a wife beater underneath
  3. I usually wear a tank top, sometimes a v neck/regular neck undershirt.
  4. Nothing I hate having a shirt under my dress shirt.
  5. Are you a pagan? :smoke:
  6. Wtf's a "wifebeater?"
  7. I wear a regular white undershirt, or a v-neck if I'm out of regs.

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  9. The wearing of a white t shirt underneath a dress shirts is a mistake up there in men's fashion with failing to match your belt to your shoes.
  10. [quote name='"jazzbluescat"']
    Wtf's a "wifebeater?"[/quote]

    an italian american
  11. Well I wear them because my man sweater keeps me warmer then most. Therefore any type of fast heart rate will allow some small amount of sweating. During summer just stepping outside is enough. I used to think just the shirt would mean I'm cooler but I don't think it works this way...cause id prob still sweat and then look retarded.
  12. I only wear a shirt underneath if it's cold that day. Most of the time I don't wear a shirt underneath because you do better with the ladies that way...

    If you have to ask why, then you'll never get it. :cool:
  13. I do. Usually a wife beater though looks weird if your whole chest is covered.

    Dress shirts are usually made out of a lighter, finer material than normal shirts. For that reason alone, I like a layer underneath so I'm not sweating balls into my dress shirt. That can fade, discolor, and wear shirts out overtime. A layer underneath catches and wicks away the sweat from the shirt on top. The same sweat is also what is going to make your shirt smelling shitty and dirty, and by wearing that layer underneath you have to wash it less (less washes, less wear. really nice dress shirts can't be washed like a normal T).
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    I don't need to wear dressy-type clothing very often but if it is in the winter I wear Under Armor underneath it, and in the summer i wear a sleeveless shirt which wicks away moisture underneath it. I don't wear a white dress shirt, so no one can even tell you are wearing something under it. A deep neck is required on the under shirt.

    Only if it can be seen from the outside. Higher thread count shirts will stop the under shirt from showing through, also will off-white colours such as light blue and pin-stripped shirts, black obviously as well.
  15. Depends if it's cold out.
  16. If your undershirt is visible you look like a redneck. undershirts are NF
  17. The classic White T
  18. I wear a plain white tee,I feel awkward just wearing a dress shirt.
  19. plain white tee
  20. You should always wear a t-shirt under a dress shirt for a number of reasons.

    1. nobody wants to see your chest hair if you have some.
    2. nobody wants to see or smell your funky under arms.
    3. it gives you the opportunity to wear that printed t-shirt that your mom bought you.
    4. you never know when you will need to give someone the shirt off your back

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