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Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. So a few of my buddies built this underground skate park in these abandoned warehouses. Theres old car bench seats in there to sit and smoked and tons of room to skate/bike. Theres a ton of ramps, gaps, 1/4 pipes, n shit. The shit is AMAZING. I have picture on my Razr, i'll send them to my e-mail when i go to town and i'll post them up later tonight. I don't skateboard, but I snowboard and Snowskate. I tried boarding today though, i learned how to drop in, turn around on the 1/4 pipes, n take a few ramps n jumps n shit.. not bad for my first day... i have a lot of cuts n gashs n shit, but that was FUN AS HELL.

  2. Skating for the first time and you're already dropping in on 1/4 pies?!?!?! Dude that's pretty fucking grand I'd say. I mean it took me a year or two before I could get the whole concept of leaning forward so you don't lose control and take a butt-hurt. Keep it going dude and let's see them pics jsut in case I'm in the area and in the mood to jack some shtuff. Heh j/k....or am I?:devious:...:D!
  3. I got a couple rails ive been tryin to get rid of.

    Where you at in mi?
  4. kick ass man
    yeah, where in mi do you live?
    ill bring my bike over and get baked
  5. we used to have this place called sensation basin that was in an old wharehouse its actually where Rodney Mullins got his start
  6. Ok, so here's the pictures...

    Yeah it took a couple trys to drop in, i got it about 3 times out of like.. 8 tries... i crashed hard one time.. haha.. but it was fun.. good place to smoke too.


    ....Fuck. I forgot the pictures, next post. wow.. i'm all stoned.
  7. word fuck yea
  8. OK, so HERE'S the pictures.


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  9. I see a Kingspade tattoo in your avatar. Rock on my brother... I'll rep SRH till' the day I die.

  10. Thats awesome, you should figure away to get electricity to it and set up a place for a band... then you could have underground shows at the underground park, it would be so cool.
  11. See, we wish there was electricity to hook lights up to skate at night.. We don't want a generator because they are annoying as fuck. But it's pretty much a secret spot, not a whole lotta ppl know about it. Hence "No Man's Land sk8 park"

  12. Okay dude, Ignore me. :rolleyes:
  13. No KSR, totally not ignoring you. I'm just extremely ripped. I dunno, I live in the Upper Penninsula, but i don't need no rails, I'll just make some.... good thing about knowing how to weld and grind!

  14. Oh you way up there.

    Ive always wanted to go up there, Never been there.

    Im sure i asked ya before where ya from cuz we both been here at GC a minute now. But i forget shit left and right haha.

    But yeah they aient nothing special. One round, One square, Adjustable, Both 8 feet long.

    Im like $15 and let em both go.

    But i dont know no skateboarder dudes.
  15. Yeah, I don't board, like i said today is my first time doing it, prolly tommorow too. You should come up here one of these days, kick back n blaze some down.

  16. One of these days.

    But i do not want to drive over that bridge, Fuck that man.

    But skateboardings fun as shit if you dont let not being able to do pro tricks right away get in the way, Ive seen many do that.

    I used to skate awhile back before it became 'cool' again and everybody did it like everybodys a gang banger these days.

    But shit was major fun, I could do some shit but my favorite thing was mainley b/s boardslides, I could do f/s and many other grinds, kickflip, 360 flip.

    Ollied a 6 set was the highest i went.

    Was alot of fun, Many times ive weanted to buy a board and jus go board slide some shit and jus ride around the city but i fucked myself up so much on that shit man. Injured so much, Id ont fuck with anything like that anymore.

    Deff a good workout, When i was into it id skate all over the city to different spot a easy 8 hours a day, Was in real good shape doin that all day.
  17. holy shit man, you can turn that into a kick ass skatepark.
    time to get building
    you should get a bike, it's more fun!
  18. Thats some awsome ghetto shit right there, +rep
  19. that skate park is ghetto but still looks like it would be a fucking good time

    i found an underground abandoned carpark the other week, 3 levels down and the bottom level is flooded about 3 ft deep with water its pretty fking sweet
  20. wtf man thats sickkk. I use to bmx and we use to build so much sick shit but we never had an abandoned warehouse. Good job man that looks fun.

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