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  1. Underground Grow Room.

    To build this Underground Grow room I'll be working with 2-3 other mates of mine,
    Where : 1 of my Buds lives in the country and has a LARGE patch of property that is all wooded we plan to Find a high ground area where water would run off, Dig a hole 8' into the ground.

    The room will be 7 Foot tall. 10 foot wide. and about 8 Foot long.

    When you are at ground level. There will be bushes shrubs to disquise it as normal Woodland. there will be a door in the ground that leads to a Ladder You take the ladder and are in a Small space about 6 foot tall. The door will have a padlock just incase. Once in the Main room you will see The main support post in the middle of the room.Infront of that will be a Small kind of like grow box that will be able to hold say 5 -10 plants. The walls will be painted Flat white or Will have Aluminum foil which ever works best. a Single 600 Watt light. the grow box wont have a Top so the 600 watt can be attached to the ceiling of the room. We plan on Weather proofing the room some how Not sure yet. If we get the money then we will use cement but for now the plans are 2x4's and some other wood. The picture will be able to better explain.
  2. Not sure how accurate this picture is but ohwell.

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  3. go hydro and use 2x600w lights
  4. We plan on selling a large portion, I only smoke about Every other weekend and I smoke like 4 joints maybe. So we would have alot to sell but until then a single 600 watt will have to do and soil we are still in school and only have 4 hour jobs a day. Parents wont stop us but wont support it by giving us any $$ so hydro is kinda out of the picture.
  5. bubblers are cheaper then you think adn pay for themself because f there increased veg time and increased yeild. its about $30 a bucket complete with pump and ferts and you would only need 4 buckets.
  6. Ive heard of Bubblers just not sure what they are, ive never really looked into hydro the systems ive see were like $800$ 4 Buckets = 10 plants ? Got any Sites where i could check these puppies out?
  7. nah seems like you have a lot of time, i'd try soilgrow before going hydro. a crappy hydro setup is not worth it.
  8. i was just about to post that exact same link. but yeah, a DWC bucket setup, or even a homemade ebb & flow table is pretty cheap. the pump is always gonna be the most expenisive part.
  9. how u gonna get water and electric to it?

    hydro might seem a good idea till u gotta keep lugging water up a hill.
  10. i would be easy to route an underground electric line to it, and to get water there, just lay your pipes like a foot under the ground. even with shovels it wouldnt be that hard to do. i remember digging a hoe for an underground grow, it was 10' long x 6' wide x like 6' deep. and all dug with a shovel. trust me, my back hurt like hell!

  11. easy??? how far is this grow from the house then? i must of missed that bit.
  12. The Garage is powered, and it will be about 10-15 feet from the garage. So power isnt a problem. And we are gonna lug 5 Gal buckets of water up there... lol...
  13. It would be allot easier in the long run to run a water line in there. Also it gives you room to expand into a hydro setup Eventualy you can hook it up with hydro so you plant the clones and let the system run itself while making changes from a computer in his house and not even go in the box till harvest.
  14. if its that close then id make the effort and plumb some water in. i had a small grow in the attic and lugging water up a ladder done my head in, and that was 5 foot away if that.

    the day will come when u leave the watering till the next day cus u cant b botherd, then something happens and b4 u know it ur plants r wilting and u got probs.

    make it easy on urself and get the water in ther when u do the electric.
  15. yeah, might as well while your at it
  16. Hm The bubbler idea sounds good but I think we will just go with a soil grow to start off with. And see how that goes. Then possibly switch to the bubblers to see a difference.
  17. potentcy isnt effected, but yeild certainly is, way bigger yeilds.:)
  18. Yield isnt a problem. We don't toke up every day nor' every weekend. So like 3 Oz. would last us a Long time. Plus soil seems like it would be cheaper just more work.
  19. Here this drawing shows a better idea of what i want to do. THe drying area will be a small room . The sink wont look like that it will be one of those 3 foot tall nozzle neck deal things ??? lol... Um the grow box Will be big enough to fit 10 Plants in it, and probably have a single 600 watt with a 400 watt if it seems needed. Plants will be on a table becuz of the light not moving up or down. errr cant think of anything else.. Comments are always welcome thanks to everyone that has already gave advice! Oh the Electrical will come from the Garage, it's closest. and the Plumbing will come from the house (will be some work. Probably 30 feet to 50 feet)

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