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  1. has any body had success with this? Ive seen the guys using train cars in canada, the tennasee grow house, the school bus.. How about a success story?? lol Im trying to get a significant grow going starting out with about 4000 watts, 2-5kw generators burning biodiesel/veg oil and leaving room for expansion. Its still in blueprint but as I look for a plot but any suggestions would be bomb.
    thanks merci gracias takk
    Miss Moo moo
  2. How loud are those generators going to be?
  3. nice point. Loud enough where they need to be buried 5 metres underground in a separate insulated compartment
  4. Sounds like a lot of work..
  5. Both the train cars and the bus were success storys. The only reason you know of them is because they got caught.

    If you have some blueprints or model numbers or any links please post them. And if you do this please make a journal and take lots of pics. Even if they seem like common sense or mundane.

    Possibly epic. Only time will tell
  6. thanks mate. I sure will from the hole to harvest. My question is though, what are the laws regarding law enforcement's ability to use this evidence against me? lol does the site keep IP numbers? do they grant subpoenas ?
  7. +How successful are you if you get caught? thats not the type of success Im looking for here, I hope you understand ;)
  8. what if you put a large garden shed over your spot, then dug out the floor and reinforced the dirt walls, so you could grow really tall plants? or have multiple shelves in a tall grow set-up, rather than covering lots of floorspace, you would be burrowing deeper.

    gives me ideas.
  9. nice idea Khan, so youre basically suggesting building a basement on a shed. do i have to put the shed on top after i build the room or can i dig from beneath the shed. Chilean miners lived through something i dont want to try

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