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  1. the intro to this song was spit in a freestyle (the first big chunk)


    I'm underground yo,
    I'm talkin' six feet
    where the wind don't blow
    and there ain't shit to eat
    but I can still move my feet
    kick out a sick beat to spit to
    rhymin's like playin' uno,
    dog I just skipped yo
    no I don't have an LP but if I did
    it would skip too
    and you wouldn't buy it anyway
    because you know I'll gip you

    not to offend any gypsies in the house
    I confess, I myself have been cast out
    internal conflicts you can see have been dragged out
    just some shit I used to love to rap about

    but not anymore,
    I'm so underground I don't spit
    Indepedent to the max
    never had a job I didn't quit
    never heard a beat I couldn't get
    never been passed an L I wouldn't hit
    never been scared by the smell of your bullshit
    don't stand when you battle me,
    make like a real dog and sit

    down boy, you're in my personal space
    but if you wanna stay mad
    you could replace my blank journal space
    yeah I keep a diary
    but you can't read it
    because it's all just tallies
    of MC's I've defeated
    I don't stay high dog I'm permanently weeded
    harvesting rhymes my experiences have seeded
    yeah you rapped that line but I expertly MC'd it

    never made a dollar off my rhyme skills
    couldn't pay the clock off and in the end time kills
    thought you were killing it? I know, me too
    but time ain't got nowhere to be and you do

    good thing I've got a sportscar
    too bad the headlight's broken
    only got three hubcaps
    and that window stays open
    and the doors don't lock
    so I'm always gettin' jacked
    and my laundry's behind you
    so bitch don't lean back
    people see me ridin', hatin'
    assumin' I'm a chump
    but they know for sure two blocks later
    when I'm askin' for a jump

    I'm underground yo
    I'm talkin' six feet
    I'm underground yo
    I'm talkin' six feet
    feel like some parts might be missing from that, I'm doing it from memory since I can't get to my xanga.

    here's some freestyles

    Tomtom, been spittin' since before I could read
    blast sucka MCs with ill lines
    and roll weed at the same time
    twist up the trees like your drink with some lime
    been tokin' some time,
    still manage to spit rhymes though
    and break timezones
    supersonic hydroponic
    or you could just call it hydro
    load the chronic in the bong
    and give me a light yo
    might get nasty when I spit
    never tryna fight though
    keep it peaceful and legit
    blowin' Ls all night yo
    hazin' out the room
    till you're like damn where'd the light go
    once again fast like jet lag
    you'll be like damn where's the time go?
    YBTT, straight illin' from the start
    1987 up-hillin' just tryna get the part
    rhymes so fast they've been none to stop a heart

    or two leave your skin baby blue
    double check my shoes
    cuz I'm stompin' true
    all the haters I've dissed
    still don't know what to do
    shit I know they're pissed
    probably a little confused
    because it's hard admitting a fat white boy
    raps better than you do
    better than Luda,
    his l's are too loose
    better than Snoop
    when I'm on gin n' Juice
    but I gotta give to these underground dudes
    only a little better than Papoose, Pa-poose
    Tomtom, blows lines like you blow cocaine
    always comin' on strong like a coal train
    lyrical flow growin' long like Rogaine
    comin' down hard like a cold rain
    wanna battle me I guess you wanna know pain
    and afterwards I'm chillin with a L in the slow lane
    bust million dollar rhymes
    yo you can keep the change
    because I keep the ladies sayin'
    "damn, Tommy got game"
    because I keep it different,
    inconsistently the same
    like Doom, coincidentally insane
    and Madman reminds me,
    one last thing
    don't forget ALL CAPS when you spell my fuckin' name.

    tell me what you think... I don't rap about sellin' coke and ecstacy and all my guns because that's not actually what I do, so if you're hear to say "Man these make you seem like a bitch" then fuck off because rapping's not about all that shit just like painting's not all about impressionism.

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