underground/nonmainstream rap ?

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  1. jus lookin for some underground or non mainstream gangster rap , IE. Necro or Jedi Mind Tricks or crooked I .

    Or some good old school shat like EPDM , Masta Ace , Kool G Rap , Big Daddy Kane , Rakim .

    Cause i have been listening to the same 500 songs or so for the last 3 months , need some new shit , help me out! i know theres lots of rap fans on these forums !
  2. do you mean EPMD, or is that a diffrent group.......i'm not massive on rap, but i used to listen to a bit of Del and the souls of mischief......but not gansta.......Peace out.......Sid

    i liked EPMD........straight from the boondocks, i think it was......
  3. Dunno if yould be into these... but i used to listen to jedi and cool g a year back...
    now lisning to these... they are all quite different... pretty eclectic mix

    Pitman... pitness CD
    shit rap-- absoultley crap but...hes from north england & its fucking hillarious.

    You looked towards battle axe records?
    Swolen members and affiliatees.

    you done def jux? Aesop and murs and the like.

    jurrasic five

    Mr Len

    people under the stairs

    The pharcyde



    sweatshop union

    sj the word burgler

    micil shazzam write

    plague language... noah, baracuda, orphan.

    Orko the sycotic alien.

    i can send a few MP3's i you want.
    You may strugle to find some ov them on Kazaa and the liek.
  4. look for the quannum mc's. they're justa buncha ppl from the bay area (north cali). comprised of these groups: blackalicious, latyrx (lateef and lyrics born), and dj shadow.
    so check out quannum, or the groups that comprise quannum. all very good.

    def jux as someone said is goin strong if u like "nerd rap" (that's just the term ppl use to describe this type of hip hop. i personally like a lotta this stuff). and rjd2 is the fuckin TRUTH. one of the illest producers.

    mr lif

    hieroglyphics (del and souls of mischief together)

    j-live (sooo sick)

    if u like turntablism mos definitely check out dj shadow, rjd2, dj z-trip, dj muro (japanese dj)

    and that's about all im gonna list now heh
  5. nerd rap...

    i dont mind that

    word about rjd2

    Mr lif- howd i forget that guy...

    also 7L and esoteric... but im not sure they are about no more???

    dammit i heard on ov the dopest tracks an hour ago and i cant for the life ov me remember what the fuck it was.
  6. should check out
    eyedea and abilities
    people under the stairs
    dilated peoples
    sage francis
    mf doom

    and everyone else mentioned so far.

    mostly hip hop not so much rap, but they're all sick
  7. few more coz im bored

    lords of the underground
    lone catalyst
    living legends
    jedi mind
    ded prez
    MF doom.. in all his incarnations ;)
    freestyle fellowship
    mystic yourneymen
    non phixion
    Resin Dogs
    Scienz of Life
    Rhyme Sayers
    casset boy

    O, they are all hip hop (ish)
    not realey rap
    il remember some more in a min ;)
  8. an really good underground white rapper is benefit.. hes got sum funny ass songs
  9. oh i heard a benefit song called "so sick" and it was indeed so very sick. he got some skills
  10. nother one...

    dj yoda
  11. didnt read who else posted, but here's most of the hip hop i listen to:

    dl incognito
    jedi mind tricks
    rjd2 (instrumental)
    dizzee rascal (english)
    the streets (english)
    jurassic 5
    dialated peoples
    talib kweli
    swollen members

    ...and thats about it
  12. One addition to the list:

    Aesop Rock
  13. 1.Rakim - Guess Whos Back

    2.Rakim - When I be on the mic

    3.Gangstarr - Battle

    4.Mobb Deep - Killas Theme

    5.Mobb Deep - G.O.D Part 3

    6. Wu Tang - 4th Chamber...

    If you want more lemme know..
  14. Listen to what everyone else said, lotsa talented hip hop artists up there. Adding to the list:

    Big L
    Dead Prez
    Bone Thugs (not so much underground, but damn Bizzy Bone is sick)
    Mac Dre
    Andre Nickatina
    Non Phixion
    Living Legends
    Zion I (so dope)
    Luni Coleone

    That should give you a pretty good basis to start with. Lots of those artists styles vary though, so find what you like.
  15. brotha lynch hung
    dj screw r.i.p.(check him out now)
    big moe
    lil keke
    lil flip (old shit)
    paul wall
    company flow
    all the wu-tang clan members
    high & mighty
    geto boys
    immortal technique
    the most hated
    slim thug
    color changin click
    binary star
  16. This kid outta QB Sav Killz is dope,sounds like Kool G.Rap but younger.
  17. The originator of "Acid Rap"

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAsFRC3hE24]YouTube - Esham - One Day[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cx1oTY81ceE]YouTube - ESHAM / ESHAM'S BOOMIN[/ame]

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhSLai9nvPM]YouTube - NATAS / BITE IT[/ame]

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