Underground (literally) grow op. Commence brainstorming

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  1. Hey Grasscity,

    First time posting here, so hopefully I'm doing all of this correctly ;P

    I am planning a grow op that I'd like to keep underground. Basically, I own a chunk of land out in the country that I can use. I can't grow in my house and I certainly can't grow outside. Essentially, this is an underground micro grow. I'll list some of our ideas so far as well as listing some things we need help with. Feel free to comment on anything or add any ideas not previously brought up.

    Need to figure out:

    - Power supply
    - We were thinking some sort of large batteries that we would have on rotation (i.e. have say, 2 or 3 at the land while 2 or 3 are charging at our houses)
    - Perhaps use a generator to charge the batteries on the spot when we go out to check on them
    - Solar panels were brought up, HOWEVER, we would have to make them extremely stealth like. The land has an electric fence around the perimeter so perhaps we could somehow play it off as if they were powering the electric fence, however they wouldn't have been there before

    - Air supply
    - We'll need to keep a fresh supply of good air inside this micro-grow. As it is underground we will need a vent of some sort. The only issue with just a straight up vent is that during the winter the land gets some extremely high snow, and would thus plug the vent. Perhaps we could run something up one of the fence posts but it would have to be inconspicuous.

    - Temperature
    - Obviously, the insulation from the freezer alone would not allow us to simply leave it be with a perfect temperature. We will need some sort temperature control unit.

    - Humidity
    - We need a hand with this too

    This is the main issue we have to solve. Once this is solved we can move on from there.

    Current ideas:

    - Have the micro-grow op in a large box freezer
    - This would allow for good insulation from both heat and cold

    - Have a mesh wire on the ceiling of the box freezer
    - Apparently there is an actual name for this. This mesh wire idea will give the plants support when they grow upwards. I've heard that this idea will allow the plants to grow through the mesh wire and somehow (I have this written down somewhere, and I believe it is floating around a thread on this forum) allow for optimal budding and growth for the given situation.

    Also, is there a way we could implement hydroponics into the grow op?

    Any help is appreciated. Have fun brainstorming :)

    P.S. we'll add any addition information or ideas we come up with as we go
  2. i say just go all the way and build an underground room to grow a LOT of green.
  3. If I'm being honest, that sounds like FAR too much work/time/money to start a micro grow. You're probably only going to yield a few ounces per crop and how are you going to tend to it? Would you build some sort of tunnel underground or dig it up every time you need to check on it? I like the idea but like the previous poster said, a full scale grow op would be more lucrative and in the long run probably easier.

    Was this inspired by the retired grow op shown in the union? If you haven't seen it I'd check it out for ideas.
  4. The mesh wire idea is called a ScrOG net. It keeps the plants bushy and also keeps them from getting too tall.
  5. Don't grow with hydroponics, dirt is the way to go.
  6. I think this is way to complicated for a first grow or what seems like a first grow. Sorry if that's the wrong assumption. If you have a chunk of land why not prepare for a good outdoor grow. You'd get way more off just one plant outside then you would off a micro grow that sounds like your going to have to bust your ass to make and take care of. I'm not knocking your idea I just think you should think it out and weigh your options.
  7. If you have that much land gone ahead and do like 2 or 3 plants outside next to som others won't be that suspicious
  8. Hey guys,

    Sorry for the slow response. Many thanks for the replies this has gotten

    This is a first grow op, as lowd assumed, however it was more meant as a challenge and sort of fun idea more than anything. Personally, with school coming up, I don't believe the studies will allow adequate time for this (also, it get's cold AF in the winter with high snow) so this will probably be a no go. I suppose I posted here just to get a few ideas rolling by the off chance that we did decide to follow through.

    Anyways, I'm out for now. Thanks again for the replies
  9. Wait for the next planting time. And grow like 6 plants outdoor. You could grow a shit ton of buddah!

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