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  1. Word up it's Johnny haze reppin' tha set

    Post your all time favourite classic underground verse, here's mine

    Non phixion - Futurama

    "ill bill"

    They got AIDS infectin' the globe,
    Laser weapons and Clones,
    Comfortable as Presidents,
    Death, Artificial intelligence,
    Frozen organs, post-mortem,
    alien anti christ orchids,
    Get your vibe together Who decides truth?
    guys in ties and suits?
    Violent coups from private schools?
    We got rules of taunt, duals of war,
    using thoughts like swords,
    Pay for groceries, the DNA clothes in your vocal cords,
    The order of the world has already been bought,
    Robocops programmed to kill and ready for war,
    Drink your cocaine 'cause drugs is legal,
    Androids rule, the streets of New York, screamin' Fuck the people,
    Even a priest can fall in love with evil,
    If a bitch to suckin' his dick, swallow nothing, gulp the semen,
    Election day, young americans will vote for demons,
    overachieving Yo we sniff blow, or blow up pieces

    Welcome to futurama,
    where the cyborgs will shoot ya mama,
    A cross between terminator 3 and Tutankhamun,
    This is I'll Bill reporting for a new assignment,
    Ready to rock with the ruger nine shinin' [x2]

    :smoke: Peace :smoke:


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