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  1. Underground grow; Ideas/opinions/issues

    Current project ::

    Underground grow-room, 5-7 shipping containers ( Plated, sealed and insulated ) with multiple access points. Fully self-sufficient via 2 diesel generators ( 2100L tank is waiting ), Air conditioning, filtration of all diesel exhaust via outlets/inlets at house above.

    All enviroment variables are monitored via remote client ( Enviroment, gens/UPS's/security/access )

    Looking at a good 1200 plants. Not sure on yield figures yet... Still deciding on growth plan.

    Most of the construction can be done ourselves; bobcat.

    The end price is near half a million NZ once its all up and running.

    Anyone else working on similar underground setups?
  2. i fuckin wish.

    once you get this underway there better be pictures.
  3. no doubt, without pics and video, I have to assume that your talkin shit, or youre tryin to bait somebody!!!!!!!
  4. lol. man I dont even know what to say... 5-7 containers underneath your house eh. I have a feeling that tool the tim man tailors gonna fuck up half his house.

    Bacon sounds good right now... the best thing about wake n bake is... breakfast! Remember that piggy
  5. they obviously aren't going under his house, they are going next to it. under ground.. seriously, did you think he waz planning on tunneling or some shit?

    its an ambitious under taking. make sure you water tight seal those containers,, with some sort of latex paint or what ever, they are going to start rusting, especialy any areas that come into contact wth a water table.
    before you burry i'd seal with tar or something simliar.. you'll wish you had later if you dont do it now.

    good luck, definatly post some pictures@!
  6. I just ripped a mans head off with my dolphin penis.. anyone else do anything like that right now or ever.. PM me.............................................

  7. I say B.S.....lets see a pic of the bill for the containers....:rolleyes:
    just the bill I won't ask for pics of other stuff that would be rude
    Put-up or shut-up kinda thing... :cool:
  8. Actually I heard that used shipping containers are relatively cheap because there's such an over-abundance of them. Some companies use them to build affordable housing and things like that.

    Just do an eBay search and you can find 40' long containers, about 9'6" high and maybe 6' wide for @ $2,000.

    Anyway, what else was I going to say about this guy's idea??.......oh yeah.......BULLSHIT! :p
  9. an op like that got busted up here recently, they even had a rock on hydrolic lift arms that was an access door, and afalse wall int heir house that lead to it also..

    crazy shit poeple do somtimes...

    i think these guys got stupid and started living way beyond their "cover" income...
  10. it sounds like a bait like suspect said, so i'm gonna go out on a limb here and say you are a pig or maybe not even just some underling, another one of your posts post on russel 3000's grow journal "can you hook it up with sales" were your words. Many gcers joke about this, but I think you were just casting out a line for a stupid grower. FUCK YOU and get of GC. If I am wrong then prove it post a pic of something!
  11. that diesels gonna cost u a shit load and the exhaust will make ur hood smell like a truck
  12. I saw that, that shit was fuckin crazy wasnt it?
    the main entrance was like a vault door!

  13. didn't that op get busted for the same reason they all do... stealing power?

    If its the same one I read about it had freaking bunks and shit for people to sleep in under there!! crazy stuff! I mean if you got enough money to buy a vault door your making bread, plain and simple. They stole power because they couldn't think of a good enough reason for the electric company to install a bigger transformer or something.

    Oh and Mord, yeah I thought he ment under his house. I was picturing a guy with a bobcat trying to dig a tunnel under his house. I was high :confused_2:
  14. that mighta been it..

    moral of the story: get generators .. heh
  15. no doubt, no diggity!
  16. yea it was called the weed cave n they got busted because of stealing power and cuz they built there house on top of a f***ing cave yea like the city isnt gonna look into y ur building ur house on top of a cave come on now
  17. Lol have been wondering about this for a while now.
    Forget the shippping containers however.
    They are most usually ex-ocean transport containers.
    Instead did yourself a nice big hole using a backhoe. a bobcat simply wont cut it.
    Lay a nice sized slab down.
    Build yourself a nice sized room or rooms using breezeblock,besablock called different things in different places.The outside will need to be painted in something like SONNEBORNS HLM.
    You retaining walls will hold up quite a strong roof and it will need to be.
    The best way to run your extraction is to keep this building close to the edge of your property, so it borders on a fenceline.
    Your fence will have to be a solid concrete job(Pre Fab is ideal not just for the wall but for the construction of your room as well.Yet will require the hiring of a small crane.) as i figure the best way to keep your outlets hidden is to run them inside your wall and then place a simple vent(any hardware store)
    on the fence.
    Diesel generators are a fantastic idea especially if you can afford the newer lower emission quieter models.
    Housing these seperate from your main grow room in a sound proofed room seems to be a sensible idea as well, if like me you plan on sitting in your grow room for extended periods ^^.(Throw in a couch and a TV)
    Line your walls and roof in mylar, plumb in some makeshift piping.
    Simple ladder access using a (long term) borrowed mahole casing.
    If for whatever reason you need to call in a contractor to assist tell them its a bomb shelter, act paranoid and start ranting about the threat of nuclear holocaust.
    No reason why this is impossible or even that hard to do, with the necessary capital.
    From the looks of it your first harvest should pay it all off.
    Dont forget to obtain a copy of your groundwork(available from a local council office for a small fee) as the last thing you want to do is start digging up your waste/water or electricity pipes. Place a small tool shed or potting shed above the entrance to you tunnel, and lay down some timber covered with carpet to hide your entrance and to stop nosy neighbours watching you going into your 'TARDIS' every night. A simple lock on your potting shed door will secure it from family even friends. Props for thinking this up and posting as this is my plan when i return home next year.

    Ps: The sky is really the limit in regards to your space.
    But i think 3 to 4 seperate light proof rooms will ensure that you arent trying to sell mountains of grass in one go,
    Keep up a nice system and you could be cropping full sized plants every month.
    Best of Luck ^^
  18. my next grow is going to be in a ex miletery submerrine 1000ft underwater
    :eek: grow up kid its time to get realistic not gona get rich by liein
  19. you got to bag it, bag it up
  20. Yeah, those one guys in Tennessee who had a house directly on top (hiding) a cave entrance. The entrance to the cave was a garage door on the huuuuge nice house. Once inside the cave, these guys had such an awesome spot. There were a SHITLOAD of plants, and even an escape hatch in the back of the tunnel that led to an escape ladder hidden underneath a rock!

    here's a link... good luck getting enough power :)


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