Underground Grow Room? Plausable?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by bongbroke, May 28, 2009.

  1. Alright so here is the situation.... I was smoking a bowl the other day and stumbled onto an abandoned cistern.... This cistern is 12x12x12, with a wooden roof making the depth about 14-15ft. The walls are concrete and so is the floor, but there is a lil debri in there.

    I figured on scrubbing the entire thing down with bleach, filling about a foot of the floor with dirt, putting a tarp over that, then putting a wood floor on the tarp, growing on in my 5gal buckets. I'd then paint the walls and ceiling flat white.

    The wood roof isn't exactly air/water tight so i figured seems how i was a roofer i'd fix the roof but from the inside so it looks like its still abandoned.
    It is on another persons property, well behind their house and forgotten. Hehe the word on the street is that it was filled in a few years ago however its not.

    I live in the woods so i'm not to worried about somone really stumbling onto it if i decide to grow in there or if it would be an ok place to grow. I've already thought about how to get power there and am just gonna run a couple extension cords burried undergrownd.

    But besides that would this be an alright place to grow? Or will it not work at all? I would really like some feedback on this if possible. Thank you!
  2. sounds like a burn to me.especially if others know about it.if the owner of the propertey finds it theyll prolly catch yo ass on hidden camera.
  3. If you are sure nobody else goes there, sounds good. Might be cool in the hot weather. May be an idea if YOU monitor it with a spy camera.
  4. Well as far as hidden cameras go i could do that easily with some game cameras hehe its kinda located near a heavily used game trail but you can't see it at all from the trail itself and their are no good trees big enough to put a stand in.

    Thats one thing i was worried about is people finding out, and if i could figure out how to add pictures i would so you could see what i am talking about. and thank you for the encouragement.

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