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  1. Hi.

    Im like a month into flowering and I know that leaves are starting to yellow and die at this time.

    Altough I'd like to know if there are any indications for an underfertilized plant. Will it just grow slower? Will it yellow out?

  2. Depends on which nutrient it's lacking... if it's N then yes, leaves will yellow/brown/die off...which is good late in flowering. However, at 30days I'd venture to guess it's a little early to see leaves already yellowing and dying off.

    But there are millions of signs of lack of fertilization - all depends on which nutrient is missing.
  3. How long since you have fertilized? Yes, some leaves will yellow at the end of the flower cycle, but 30 days is pretty quick. Depending on how long its been, they may need a shot of nutes. What type of soil are you using? Does it have time released nutes? Get back to us and we will do what we can to help...

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