Underdog Ron Paul inspires political passion

Discussion in 'General' started by rumandromanism, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070831/ap_on_el_pr/ron_paul_supporters

  2. Discuss. For one, I'm happy that Ron is getting the publicity of Yahoo! News. Today, while driving back from Boston, I saw a "Ron Paul Revolution" banner hanging off a bridge. It's great to see such guerilla tactics in play!
  3. Ron Paul's ideas are great but they arent practical.. our country will be even more fucked with this liberatarian running as a republican.
  4. Ron paul is a tight mother fucker!


  5. I doubt he'll even win the primary...but still, it's great to see the passion and time that people are putting in to support someone they really feel strongly about. Time to brush off the old apathetic, fat American stereotype!
  6. Again, if he did what he says he is going to do, he'd be a hero.. but its not possible.. not with how congress is setup, presidents cant really accomplish shit in 4 years and his stance in Iraq is rediculous.
  7. It could, oh I don't know, maybe, spark up a trend in who people elect.
  8. Blah.

    Im against any president who wants all the troops immediately removed from Iraq. period. thats just not smart.
  9. Nope, it's not smart. That is, unless you like your freedom, and believe in sovereignty.
  10. This is coming from someone who just got out of the army in March.

    We need to stay there until we have time to establish their govt and train their soldiers.. if we leave now, it will be an all out civil war where the radical shiites will more than likely gain control and that will cause huge problems throughout the middle east.

    We also have the problem of Iran. who if we invade will spark WWIII.

    We must finish the mess that our fuckup president started... thats the only chance for hope.
  11. Finish messing up an already messed up situation? Yep, while we're at it we weaken our borders, institute a police like state with unconstitutional laws, and things like the patriot act. This war is fueled by one thing, fear. We have some fear against a country that couldn't do jack to us, we're talking about 3rd world countries here, countries we are huge funders of. It is not within our best security interests to continue to police the world. It only makes us insecure, and runs up our national debt. Pull out, set examples, and the rest of the world will either follow or kill each other.
  12. I think pulling out would show that we lost..and thats how everyone in the middle east would view it.. and it would spark jihad and more attacks within the US.. its hard to launch attacks away from home when you are at war at home.

    I think we need to finish assisting the govt, finish training their army.. then withdrawl.
  13. You just said it would cause a civil war. Now, you are saying it will unite them all against the U.S.? Which is it?
  14. Do you know anything about the different religious sects in Iraq? First comes the civil war, then once the attacks organized against the US.. you're talking about a group of people who believe that the United States is the Anti-Christ and that we are the evil preventing the second coming.

    To them, this is a religious war.
  15. we're putting one religious sect in power over another.. do you really think that the other sect is going to be happy about that? And do you really think that what we are doing over there is better than if we had just left them the fuck alone in the first place?
  16. Ron Paul is the man!
  17. Oh no, i completely agree, we never should have went in.. period.. it was/ is an illegal war... but now that we are in, we have to atleast leave it stable... it would make the US look even worse if we leave the country a mess and worse than when we even went in.

    The makeup of the new government is pretty diverse actually, none of the groups really have any room to bitch about that.. and they dont seem to be.
  18. Really? Could it be because we support Israel? The way they see it, we support the Jews, the Muslims mortal enemies. We've been occupying and bombing their nations for the last several decades. Our occupation, and support has only made them stronger. If we left them to their own destructions they'd either compromise or destroy each other. Most humans would eventually come to a compromise.

    You're seriously in fear of a country not capable of nuclear power and a weak military?
  19. Yes im afraid of a country without nuclear power... esp when pakistan and iran both DO have nuclear power.
  20. Iran and Pakistan are Democracies. They should be able to defend themselves. What is democracy going to change in Iraq?

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