Undercurrent Rdwc Pvc Question (Pics )

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  1. I'm running 2 in PVC my question is do I have to glue fittings together? And how do I connect pump to PVC

    Also I'm replacing my HP's bulb do guys know if I power or appolo makes a better HP's?

    I don't know what size inlet and out let on the pump are I read 3/4s on paper I took pic of

    What brand tote should I use for control bucket?

    Sorry if I'm asking to much but any tips on how to get uniseals right the first time and tips on lining up the holes so they are even


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  2. Put some pics of the plumbing up.. But I'd say glue I used acetic silicone/ bathroom grade it stops mould but needs to be properly cleaned before use ie. fill system let sit for a day then drain repeat . Connection to the pump just find some hose that's roughly the same size heat with a lighter and slip over ends of pump in res then do the same to the outflow

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