Undercover Cop or Classy Bum?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Kyle Andrews, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. Okay so two of my friends and I were chillin in one of their cars. We were parked on a street somewhere near Broadway. We were about to pull away when all of a sudden this black looking bum wielding a nice leather jacket (no racism) comes up to the car. We were like haha, whatever, lets see what he has to say. The first thing he says is "I saw you 3 boys eyeballing me harddd, I had to check it out." We were like WTF since we never even looked at him until he got to the car. After that he asks, "You boys got drugs?" and followed it with a "Doing anything illegal?" My friend gave me him like 47 cents and then he left. I believe that guy was an undercover cop because of the corny things he said to us, but he could have been a weird bum with good style. Thoughts?
  2. haha thats so shade.. "hey you guys got any DRUGS?" lol good call not talkin to him he sounds like a idiot
  3. Maybe he just wanted some drugs....
  4. I wouldn't talk to a bum or a cop, lol!
  5. im votin he was a super smooth hobo with a fine taste for jackets
  6. wielding a jacket?!?!
  7. lololol, i thought the exact same thing!

    Smoke with him or not, that hobo is gonna go buy .0025 grams of some fiiiiiiire ass chronic with that 47 cents....
  8. Stolen jacket maybe? lol. That is shady though, ever since I moved to the city I'm really careful who I talk to about that shit. I got sketched out by this korean dude in this store one day, he kept following me around talking about weed (he had no idea what he was talking about, telling me he had the best dro) he wanted to smoke me out and followed me all the way to the El stop. I was eventually just like 'DUDE, LEAVE ME ALONE' and I boarded my train, he had this wtf look on his face.
  9. Most bums I know all wear leather jackets. Hobos love leather.

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