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Undercover Cop (Narc)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Scimitars of Drizzt, Feb 4, 2010.

  1. This thread is hysterical, ive personally moved to a new school and had to ask for weed but i was very cautious in how i did this because i did not want to appear shady and seeing as i look nothing like a typical stoner it didnt help much but anyyyyways, hes probably different from the rest of you guys seeing as he comes from a different area sort of far from you, different areas are different, i would bet more money than i have that he is not a cop and that cops would never do anything like that at all, soooo much effort, your rediciouslous for makin this thread:wave::smoking:

  2. Yea cause cops never bust kids and threaten them with huge prison sentances to get them to roll over:rolleyes:
    Dude this shit happens more than you think.
  3. heres how to avoid this situation. DONT FUCKIN TALK TO HIM! hes a canadian dressin like a gangster. that is a good enough reason to avoid him
  4. im still not convinced narcs can abuse illegal substances...
  5. If you already suspected him of being a cop why did you assit with a sale, seriously to help out a complete stranger. Not making since bro, be smart.
  6. Use your head man, that kid isn't an "undercover cop"
    -teen aged kid
    -smoked in front of you
    -bought weed in front of you
    -you smoked in front of him

    So guess what! You're sitting at your house on your computer and not getting an interview with a REAL cop. He's not a cop, pal.
  7. if he already smoked then why would you have any doubts?

    the best way to smoke out a cop is to ask them to smoke and they won't do it cause they have to take UA's

    not like this kid sounds like fun anyway

  8. someone had to recognize this post as funny.... lol

  9. Thats why cops use narcs.
    And cops undercover are alowed to do anything short of murder and rape, to keep their cover.
    No one said this kid is a cop. They said they think he is a narc. Pay attention to the conversation kids:wave:
  10. There was one of these at my high school. He wasn't working for the police but he was helping the people at the school, are you making bank off of this kid or what? probably not a fucking dime so just don't fuck with him.
  11. He probably want's to meet your dealer so he doesn't have to keep asking you for dope. If he was a narc, he wouldn't toke.
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    Holy fuck some people are dense..


    Informants are NOT paid officers. They are generally people (or frequently kids) that decide to "help" police by leading them to higher up suppliers, either because they are ill informed on drugs, but more often because they are busted and threated with long prison sentences if they don't "comply".
    Cop: "You help s bust a big dealer, we'll make this 1/2 of kush go away"

    Undercover officers are shielded from the law and therefore CAN SMOKE WITH YOU

    Lots of times its because of peoples own ignorance of the law, that they let cops ruin their lives.
  13. I agree with this dude. I worked as a bustboy at a local restaurant and there were two people there who dealt HEAVY weight. Everytime a new person would start, we would have to check em out before he was accepted but once they were accepted, it opened a pandora's box for anything n everything floating around our town. It's fucked up that people think that but I am not a paranoid one like others.

  14. You answered your own question.

    He's new in town. He smoked with you. He wants a dealer of his own so he doesn't have do go through middle men.

    He smoked with you so he can't be a real cop. So either way he isn't going for you if he really is a narc.

    He just seems like someone new to me. When I moved where I am now I was almost the same.

    1% chance hes a narc. More likely hes a kid who doesn't want to wait to find shit.
  15. I have a close friend who's dad is a Narcotics Officer.
    Anyone here saying "if he did drugs, he's not a narc" needs to do some research.
  16. Sounds to me like this new kid just really likes weed and is trying to make some connections in his new school. Just tell him if he wants the reefer... he gets it from you, not YOUR dealer.
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    Narcs are like the boogeymen of high schools. Its just what dumbshit teenagers use to explain why their party got busted (because it totally couldn't have been that you had drunk people laying in your yard and that 'crazy bitch' song by buckcherry echoing through every room in your house at 3 in the morning)

    That guy does sound like a sketch Mcsketcherson though.


    Cops CAN smoke undercover, and they are under no obligation to admit they are a cop during an investigation. But this guy sounds like too much of a dumbshit to be a narc but if he only wants to hang around you for the drugs then I would avoid him just on sheer principle. let him be someone elses problem.
  18. I doubt he's a cop, but he sounds like a sketchball so just tell him to peace and then avoid his ass
  19. I've dealt with this before, except not at my school.

    This dude (19 - 20) back in like 2002 - 2003 used to just somehow hang out with us. He loved to smoke, but NEVER inhaled. Always had his car, but never told us where he lived, he would just say he lives at the Airport, which made no sense. He seemed always narc-ish, and had this thing attatched to each corner of the inside of his vehicle that looked like small cameras. As a result of being fucking blitzed in his car with friends once, I was in the backseat and decided to rip one off and see wtf it really was, but that shit felt like it was being held in by something going INTO the car.. after he dropped me off that was the last time I saw the dude, he just dissapeared. Very weird.
  20. How could an undercover smoke, though? I don't understand how that could work, hah. I've heard of the police getting teenagers to help them out, but I don't know if they can go as far as to smoke it.

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