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Undercover cop got my dealers cell?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanCronic, May 3, 2011.

  1. Please give your general instinct and advice on this matter.
    i txted my dealer to hit him up for a half. a little while later i got a txt back saying "Not a prob where do you want to meet? *****(dealer ident) left his phone with me. meridith." i txted back arranging the meet up for the next day cause thats when i wanted it. but later on i got/am paranoid that this person might be a cop that got hold of my guys phone. i did txt back and asked (and yes i know it wont help either way) asking if this chic "maridith" is a cop. she replied "ha ha im no cop! im an old friend of ******* (guys real name). i will tell you everything tomorow."

    so my questions simple... am i being dooped and this is a cop? i have never experienced this dealer leaving his phone with others to conduct dealings on his behalf. though i have only had the guy for a year now.. Is this a classic sign? or is there a good chance this is legit ok? :confused:
    i want weed but i dont want to go to jail =P blahaa :cool:
  2. They are probably already monitoring your every movement via satellite, so you're fucked.

    Definitely a cop. Throw your phone in a river to destroy it immediately and get rid of the evidence.

  3. oh and the part where she says "ill tell you everything tomorow" that was in reply to me confronting her on the issue of him leaving his phone with her.. =P

  4. I signed in to +1 this. :hello:
  5. yea dude thats sketch as fuck bro.. dont deal with anyone unless you know them
  6. seriously? please dont tell me your joking.. i really dont have to throw my cell in the river do i.. all i buy is tiny weeny weeny... and hardy ever...fuuuuuuccck
  7. pretty sloppy dealer if you ask me.
    or maybe hes just a boss and is slamming pussy.

    definitely sketch though. id wait to talk to him.

  8. no not a fucking river like a thing of acid theyll trace that back to you in the river.... fuck..

  9. I wouldn't meet up, I'd just say I'll wait till he gets back. But if you do meet up with him/her just be vague at first till you feel in your gut it's legit.
  10. HOLY FUCK. dude. you live in cananda! find another dealer! shit.... wow... shouldn't be to hard.

    Can't believe no one else has given this advice? ....
  11. <.< >.> unnnngggg

  12. ur out of your mind bro... i thought i was drunk:confused:
  13. Use your better judgement. It's probably just nothing, but on the off chance it is a cop, it's definitely not worth it. I say just wait until you know for sure that you are talking to your dealer.
  14. yeah... and the name meridith does sound kinda funny
  15. Cops can triangulate the location of your phone... better smash it on a rock. Or, you could tie it to an animal as a distraction.
  16. This is the reason why I always call my dealer. Asking for bud in text can be bad
  17. no other way to reach your dealer?
    no mutual friends? even facebook lol?
  18. If you try to destroy your phone, make sure you don't try to hit it against that tree over there, because you'll probably miss and it will most likely be dark. Then you'll be like: "Fuck". So you'll have to go look for it and it's fucking scary, remember? Because it's dark.. You'll probably hear a noise or see something and then you'll run like hell and probably stumble on something and hurt yourself.

    So yeah, definitely don't destroy it against a tree.
  19. i would say some shit like meet me at mcdonalds and be inside the mcdonalds when they arrive in the parking lot. if it seems sketch ie. people watching "meredith" you arent looking for bud end of story get a new phone.

    btw no dealer ive ever known has left pussy to run his business. they might pass the bud game onto their little brother or some shit but bitches... ive never seen it happen.
  20. fuck that shit, this is why i never text specifics, bc if you dont hear a voice u dont even fuckin know for sure who's on the other end... why would you even consider showing up until u have an explanation. why cant she just explain who she is and where she came from? over the phone? hmm?

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