Undercity (New York)

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  2. wow, i'm reading "The Manhattan Hunt Club" right now, and this is exactly what it is about. crazy crazy stuff. i want to be an urban explorer.
  3. I agree man, its unfortunate that they don't allow public see the history.
  4. Bump before bed!
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    Watching it now. Stoned. Kinda scared. Fucking cool.

    Wow that bridge at the end fucking made my fear of heights kick in. That dude is crazy. I love it.
  6. wow man you think there are tunnels like that in san Fransisco subway system??:D

  7. ha i know. i'm usually not afraid of heights but just lookin at that video on the bridge i felt it, it was weird ahaha.
  8. Its freaky stoned or not. Haha i couldn't imagine doing that.
  9. Cool video, already posted but still cool. :smoke::smoke:
  10. Reminds Me Of My Graf Days. Trooping All Over NYC.
  11. great video.. thanks for posting
  12. Yea that video was sweet thanks for sharing:smoke:
  13. my god ive had my bit of urban exploring but, its mostly abandoned buildings far off in the distance where i have my free space.

    ive never done anything this ballsy, im sort of worried about unknowingly doing something akin to "touching the third rail".

    motion detectors in a subway? never would have even thought about that haha.
  14. what was this touching the third rail of which he spoke?
  15. I couldn't imagine looking out for the motion detectors. The guys in the film has done their homework for sure.
  16. [​IMG]

    Powerful picture right here. :smoke:
  17. Damn, That Bridge is down the block from my house, That motherfucker is CRAZY. I do wild stuff like sky dive and fly planes but HELL FUCKIN NO. That would Disturb me:hide:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o19CaOSuD8&feature=related]YouTube - Oh Hell No[/ame]
  18. ohh hell no! haha great stuff man. Yeah the guys insane plus its probably pretty cool seeing this cause you live in NYC, see what you haven't seen before.
  19. bump because its mind blowing stuff. :cool:

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