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  1. has anybody, besides me, found themselves wanting to make anything and everything you see into a bong or pipe?

    i think it comes from when i was in high school and couldnt buy a piece myself and had to make due with what i had. i used to look at everything and think of how i could make that into a pipe, and even though im 18 and can go to a head shop and buy a piece i still find myself saying "that could be a bong" or "i could make a pipe out of that."
  2. hey man cool eyes
  3. Not really.. I'm really picky about my homemades, I like them to look sick as hell.

    I'm sure there's a lot of things around my house I COULD make into a homemade, but I don't really want to. But I LOVE making homemades, I'm just picky a lot of times I'll make a homemade, I'll drill glass bottles out with a diamond tip drill bit and make a sick hookah or something then the next day I'll try to improve it and end up ruining it lol.

    Whenever I see a nice looking vase though, I for sure picture it as a bong.
  4. 3 years and 6-9 various glass tubes later and I still find myself saying that lol your not alone.
  5. i've mostly got over it. nowadays i won't even hit out of an acrylic let alone a homemade.

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