Under watered????

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  1. We have been getting really hot weather here in ontario and wondering if I'm under watering it or over? Been having to water them every morning and this ones the only plant dropping. Any help would be greatful.. as I'm still learning.

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  2. Do the leaves feel crispy
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  3. what does mean if they're crispy? Heat?
  4. when you water do you just water just around the plant .id water it not just around the plant but a bit away from the plant as well as it roots go down other roots spread out wider theres a lot of other weeds growing there they will drink a lot of the water up every time you water the plant so i dont think you over watering it ,more like under watering the plant ,but plant looks like a nice sativa was it a seed from bag-seed or was it from a breeder ?,,mac
  5. Some plant exhibit dry crispy leaves when underwatered i believe im not the best to give advise hear to be honest I grow in pots so I go by weight
  6. it looks thirsty to me. like mac said make sure to water around it as well so the plants next to it arent taking to much water from her.
  7. Thanks guys!! I watered it and now it's looking fine now as I watered it a bunch gave it a full jug of water around 10l. It's a clone I got from a friend. Which I think he just got it from a plant he grew last year and kept few seeds and had luck of getting a female.
  8. I think so, but it's perked up now after I watered. Soon as I read your comment I instantly ran out and watered it I just wanted other opinions as if it was over watered i didn't want to give it more. Thanks for the feed back!

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  9. Same but with this one I decided to throw in ground as I want to see if there's any difference from growth. This year I'm growing in 10gal pots. Which I feel like it may be a good size till harvest I was thinking 15gal fabric pots but I got thinking if it's a little overkill

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