Under Watered Plants :(

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  1. So I left on vacation for 3 days and made sure to water my plants before I left. They usually do really well without water for a few days but a big heat wave hit while I was gone. I came back and the growing medium was bone dry and the plants leaves were drooping alot. I paniced and watered them. I wasnt sure how much water to give then so I watered until the water ran out the bottom. Did i take the right steps? Am I missing something? How long for them to recover? If you can answer these can you let me know of I need to continue the same light schedule.[​IMG]
  2. Just give them time to recover.
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  3. They be ok
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  4. When my plants are wilted( I let them wilt a little before I rewater to make sure the soil is good and dry). They perk up within minutes. I'm sure buy the time you read my reply, you'll notice them responding. They'll be fine.
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  5. So im doing 20-4 for light and when i came back i was in that 20. Should i just throw them back under the light?

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  6. Keep the lighting schedule the same. No need to change. They will be fine

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